Optimize your Aquaculture Processing business with ERP software built for your industry.

Generic business software doesn’t understand you or your business. We provide NorthScope ERP software and step-by-step guidance for Aquaculture Processors, giving them the tools to build the business they’ve always wanted.

Traditional accounting systems don’t understand the complexity of buying fish from farmers.

Your time should be spent growing your business.

Stop wasting it on software that doesn’t work for you.

There is a better way!

We don’t just care about software.

We care about your success and the success of your industry.


Built For The Aquaculture Industry




Easy To Use


Grows With Your Business

Lead your business to success.

Serve your farmers more efficiently.
  • Access real time farmer balances
  • Quickly respond to farmer questions
  • Conveniently access all farmer transactions
  • Easy and accurate farmer settlements
Avoid Ticket errors with automated deductions and accruals.
  • Easily configure all Ticket deductions
  • Easily configure all Ticket accruals
  • Automate deductions by weight or gross amount
  • Automate accruals by weight or gross amount
Correct and re-price Tickets stress free.
  • Conveniently re-price Tickets in bulk, at any time
  • Re-price Tickets based on your criteria
  • Correct historical tickets to create new versions
Seamlessly manage all aspects of your business with a single, cohesive system.
  • Fully integrated Sales and Inventory modules
  • Fully integrated Purchasing module
  • Fully integrated Accounting and Payroll modules
  • Fully integrated Capital Improvement Project tracking
  • Trace register integration
  • Barcode data collection integration
  • EDI integration
Accurately trace from farm to fork.
  • Automate Inventory Receipts from Posted Tickets 
  • Your harvest information used for traceability
  • Assign quality test results and lot certifications
  • Maintain traceability wherever your product ships
Increase productivity among staff.
  • Price Tickets from price lists assigned to farmers, automatically filtered on applicable items based on Ticket Class
  • Quickly find and analyze Ticket data
  • Automatically deduct for harvesting and hauling
  • Automatically accrue for harvesting and hauling
  • Auto-create AP Invoices for harvesting and hauling
Effectively manage your business relationships.
  • Auto-calculate brokerage and avoid overpaying
  • Accurately record custom processing instances
  • Track 3rd party warehouses
  • Effectively manage customers
  • Effectively manage vendors
  • Manage company-owned and 3rd party farms/farmers 
Focus on growing your business with an easy to learn and use system.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Designed with seasonal staff in mind
  • Access your system from anywhere
  • Configurable by user, to streamline their tasks

Learn how NorthScope can help optimize your Aquaculture Processing business with ERP software built for your industry.

Happy Aquaculture Processors

“NorthScope is tailored to our business and understands our business better than anyone else.  It’s efficient, easy to use, and we are able to produce very detailed reports.  Having worked 26 years in fish sales, I’ve used many systems. This is the best one – I love it!”

Laura S. Aquaculture Processing

“NorthScope is very easy to use and the support team is A+! Their service level alone is exceptional and makes it easy to do business every day.”

Tracey B. Aquaculture Processing

“NorthScope is a great system that’s very user friendly, fast and allows me to pull the information I need within seconds.”

Madeline J. Aquaculture Processing

“These guys really took the time to learn our entire business and provided invaluable insight throughout multiple areas within our company. They did a great job managing projects that produced clear results and calculable ROI for our Sales, Inventory, Production, and Shipping operations. They have been instrumental in helping us grow our business and make our processes and procedures more efficient. They are trust worthy, personable, and easy to work with.”

Nitin S. Aquaculture Processing

Why NorthScope?

For Aquaculture Processors, your job is more than buying, processing, and selling fish you purchased from farmers. You must prioritize keeping your farmers happy, so they work with you and not the “other guys”. Your seafood aquaculture software should prioritize that, too.

  • You don’t just need an AP system; you need a Delivery Ticket System that manages Delivery Tickets including purchase price, taxes, and deductions.
  • You don’t just need a Ticket system; you need a Ticket System that automates all your price lists, deductions, and accruals.
  • You need a Ticket System that manages harvesting and hauling expenses.
  • You don’t just need to manage grower balances; you need to easily process Grower Settlements.
  • You don’t just need to process delivery tickets; you need to reprice them throughout the season.
  • You don’t just need an accounting system, you need an aquaculture processing ERP system that can track your inventory, manage your sales process, and auto-calculate brokerage to avoid overpaying.

You need accounting software, grower accounting software, inventory software, sales software, lot traceability software and more all rolled in one. Read More


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