ERP Focus: Food Manufacturing ERP Software Tips

Choosing ERP Software

Why Choose NorthScope As Your Food ERP Software?

Have you ever been frustrated using business software?

Maybe you haven’t found a system that can do everything for your food business so you’ve ended up with multiple programs that don’t work together. Or, maybe your current system is outdated. Maybe your software is stopping your company from growing because its inefficient, difficult to use, too expensive to upgrade, or you’ve simply outgrown it. Maybe you even tried implementing a system that claimed to be a good fit but it didn’t really understand your business.

Whatever your frustration, we get it and we can solve it.

NorthScope Is An All-In-One Solution

If you’re in the market for a new accounting system, a new sales system, a new inventory system, a new Fish Ticket system, or a new grower accounting system for your food company, you’ve come to the right place. NorthScope is ERP software that serves as all of the above (plus more!) in a single system…Read more

Choosing ERP Software

How To Pick A Food ERP System

Have you found yourself asking, “How do I pick a food ERP system?” Or maybe you’ve wondered, “What’s the best food manufacturing ERP software?” Or even, “What ERP software should I use for my food business?”

Finding the right ERP software is a hard task and maybe you don’t know where to start. Picking a food ERP system is an investment of both time and money so you don’t just want to pick one, you want to pick the best food ERP system for your business. To help with your search, here are our 4 Bs to consider in order to pick the best food ERP system for your business.


  1. Consider The Basics: The first step in finding and choosing ERP software for your food business is to determine your list of “must-haves” regarding the actual software features. Prioritize the features you need, starting with the must-haves, and then finish off the list with the “nice-to-haves.” Are you most concerned with finding a sales system that can handle sales programs really well? How important is an inventory system that handles lot tracking and UOM conversions? Are payroll, project accounting, price lists and/or delivered freight management important?…Read more
Choosing ERP Software

Three Reasons to Choose an ERP System Specifically for Food Manufacturers

As a food manufacturer, meeting the record-keeping and lot-tracking requirements placed upon you by government regulations is of the utmost importance. So, why shouldn’t it be of the utmost importance to your ERP system, too? Well, it should – and here are our top three reasons why:

Track, trace and ensure your product quality to prevent recalls and adhere to industry standards.

The average cost of a recall within the food industry is $10 million in direct costs, which doesn’t include the cost of brand damage and lost sales. Ouch. But, with an ERP system that tracks and traces your product, you can minimize the effects of recalls. How? With a system that allows you to conduct an efficient and targeted recall using real-time data to quickly identify and remove the problem, thus preventing a mass recall, avoiding exponential recovery expenses, and protecting your brand and relationships…Read more

Choosing ERP Software

How To Pick ERP Software Best Fit for You

Imagine buying ERP software for your business only to find out upon implementation that it wasn’t really a good fit for your needs. Unfortunately, it happens – and it can cost you a lot of wasted time and money. But, it doesn’t have to happen. In fact, you can buy an ERP system that will save you time and money instead of waste it. Here are our top four tips to do just that.

Plan for growth.

You want your business to grow. So plan for it! You need a solution that is scalable to your business. Your software should be able to grow with you, not inhibit your growth. When looking an ERP software for your business, don’t limit your consideration to current business processes – be sure to consider your future needs as well so that your ERP software can help your company continue to operate efficiently…Read More


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