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Fish Farming On The Rise – Your Profits Should Be, Too.

People are eating more fish. And more fish is coming from aquaculture. In fact, per capita fish consumption has increased from about 20 pounds per year in 1962 to about 45 pounds per year today with fish farming producing about 50% of that today, compared to less than 10% 30 years ago.

And, while aquaculture production has continued to rise, there’s no end in sight. With 90% of global wild fish stocks being overfished or fished at capacity, future expansion of seafood is believed to need to come from fish farming, which is one of the fastest growing food production sectors in the world. In 2017, global aquaculture and fisheries market accounted for $160.98 billion and it’s expected to reach $328.53 billion by 2026. Additionally, global aquaculture production is set to more than double by 2050 and this expansive growth can be done sustainably. Aiding in this continual growth are factors such as the rise in consumer awareness of the health benefits of fish. Read more.