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NorthScope ERP software for alaska seafood processors

NorthScope ERP Makes Fisherman Loan Management Easier for Alaska Seafood Processors in Q3

As a venture that began and finished in the third quarter of 2019, NorthScope, ERP software for Alaska Seafood Processing, has expanded its Fisherman Loan management capabilities. To make NorthScope’s Fisherman Loan management more robust, the ability to automate interest charges and payments on Fisherman Loan balances was added.

The new ability to automate Fisherman Loan interest charges allows NorthScope users to calculate and process interest charges on Fisherman Loan balances on an annual or monthly interest rate for multiple fishermen at a time, providing an accurate and efficient solution to charging interest on Fisherman Loans. Similarly, the added functionality to automate Fisherman Loan interest payments allows users to do the same for payments on Fisherman Loan balances.

Prior to Q3, NorthScope users could easily manage Fisherman Loans with functionalities to track individual loans to fishermen, charge interest on Fisherman Loans, print and distribute loan statements, apply payments to Fisherman Loans and apply Fish Ticket balances to Fisherman Loans but could not automate the interest or payments on Fisherman Loans…Read More

NorthScope ERP software for alaska seafood processors

While Fish Sales Go Up, So Do Consumers’ Demand For Transparency – What Does It Mean For You?

Fish sales are up – hooray! But how do you make sure your fish sales go up, too?

While 44% of American and British consumers have added more fish to their diets over the past five years, according to the most recentFeed4Thought survey, sustainability paired with transparency is driving consumers to the fish they buy. So, to answer our previously posed question – you make your fish sales go up by using sustainable methods and being transparent. Now for part two to this question – how do you do that?


The biggest factor in this move toward fish consumption is health. But, it’s not only the health benefits to consumers that is driving this consumption, it’s the health of the fish and the environment as well…Read More

NorthScope ERP software for alaska seafood processors

NorthScope ERP Software Expands Support for Alaska Seafood Processors

Creators of NorthScope Launched New Alaska Seafood Processing ERP Features in 2018 

Throughout 2018, the Northlake Partners, creators of NorthScope ERP software, invested in expanding NorthScope’s features to further support Alaska Seafood Processing. Today, they announced their list of new features that are available with NorthScope. Key features announced for Alaska Seafood Processors include:

  • More than 50 enhancements to the on-screen inquiries.
  • New capabilities to import, void, correct, and create reversing journal entries.
  • Enhancements to Vendor Management and building AP Check Batches.
  • Re-designed the layout and added several features to the Fish Ticket transaction.
  • Ability to automate Observer Taxes as well as Fish Ticket taxes based on delivery location.
  • Added Price Lists for Fish Tickets, Fisherman Sales, and Local Customer / Employees Sales.
  • Improved eLandings integrations; and much more!…Read More
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Introducing NorthScope for the Alaskan Seafood Industry

NorthScope™ for Microsoft Dynamics® GP has been invaluable to customers in the food manufacturing industry. From sales orders and contracts, to inventory and logistics management and more, NorthScope offers the best software solution to food manufacturers and distributors. Every feature is hand-tailored specifically for the industry, and our team works with customers to discover, develop, and implement all included features. Recently, the NorthScope team has worked closely with customers in the Alaskan Seafood industry to bring forward a new set of tools, built specifically for fishing companies involved in Alaskan Seafood processing.

Whether you manage fishing boats catching crab, salmon or halibut, tenders delivering fresh catches to the docks, employee payroll and deductions, prepare month-end close, or enter fish tickets following the standards set by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G), NorthScope has the tools you need to do your job faster and with more accuracy…Read More