Aug 21, 2019

Common Food ERP Software Issues We Help Solve

Have you ever been frustrated using business software? Yeah, us too. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to remove those frustrations. What frustrations are we referring to? The most common frustrations we’ve encountered and helped our customers solve with the help of NorthScope are listed below.

Using Non-Integrated Systems

You do a lot with your business and your business is yours – it’s unique. Because it’s unique, we’ve found a lot of our customers have the issue before NorthScope of using software that can’t do everything for their business so they end up with multiple disparate systems to achieve their goals. These non-integrated, disparate systems cause you to handwrite or hand key information likely multiple times, which presents a lot of potential for error, especially with the complicated transactions you deal with in the food industry.

That’s why NorthScope was built to integrate. Not only is NorthScope internally integrated with financial, fisherman accounting, grower accounting, inventory, load management, payroll, purchasing, sales and sales programs functional areas, it is also fully integrated with Dynamics GP. Additionally, NorthScope includes integrations with EDI, bar code systems, time-clock systems and eLandings.

Using An Unsupported System

Sometimes, our customers come to us before they’re our customers because they’ve lost support for the system they’re using. Maybe their system is old and outdated and no longer maintained or maybe the support for the system is not robust enough for their needs.

With NorthScope, support is never an issue. Not only is NorthScope fully supported and modern, you can access your system from anywhere with its web-based user interface and you can access its fully staffed help desk to support your business. And, NorthScope publishes weekly releases with features focused on your market and based on your feedback.

Using a System with a High Cost of Customization

Custom code is too expensive. And sometimes, that’s the struggle our customers face before they #GoNorthScope. They need a system that does what they need it to do but it doesn’t. So, they consider migrating or upgrading their system or paying for custom code but the costs are just too high.

NorthScope does not require customization. As food manufacturing software, it already includes features specific to your industry and new features get added to the base application every week. A lot of the time, these new features that get added are direct results of your feedback regarding what you want and how your business operates while the rest of the new features are the result of NorthScope simply continuing to become bigger and better.

Using a System that is Not Scalable

Have you outgrown Quickbooks (or something like it)? Most of our customers had, too, when they came to us. Quickbooks was great when they were smaller and needed a simple accounting system for data entry. But what about now when they were growing and needed a system that enabled them to acquire new companies and/or grow in an efficient way? They turned to NorthScope.

NorthScope is scalable to your business and goes beyond record keeping and simple data entry to process management. With NorthScope, you can manage multiple companies within the same system and avoid multiple installations with its web-based software. With enterprise level sales order entry, lot tracking, payroll, inventory management, rebates and brokerage and more, NorthScope is an all-in-one solution that grows with you.

Using a System that is Difficult

Sometimes, your ERP software (that’s not NorthScope) is simply difficult to use. Maybe it’s a factor of old technology or it doesn’t let you get information out easily but regardless of why it’s difficult, it’s time to make your life easier.

NorthScope is easy to use. Designed to reduce training time, NorthScope prevents duplicate data entry, offers one-stop business management, is configurable by user to streamline their tasks, provides easy-to-find answers to all your questions. Plus, with NorthScope’s reporting tools you can easily plan for your future and with its easy-to-setup configurations you can automatically calculate and track key accounting data, regulate the data visible to each user, enforce transaction rules throughout its lifecycle, customer business workflows and gain total visibility and access to your business.

Using a System with a Never-Ending Implementation

We’ve commonly seen customers experience never-ending implementations with their ERP software before coming to use. A lot of the time, the long implementation is due to buying a system that isn’t tailored to their business or was implemented by a company that doesn’t have expertise in their industry.

NorthScope implementations are fast. Your business can be live in three to four months thanks to your three step implementation plan. First, we identify the problem by meeting with your team to determine your pain points to understand what’s important to you. Then, we create a project plan that will take away your pain points and is tailored for your success. Third, and finally, we configure your system with your data and hold your hand through training, launching and beyond. As an added bonus, we focus exclusively on food manufacturers and understand your industry so we have a good approach to helping solve your problems.