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“Our company had not updated software for many, many years and had ended up with several unconnected programs for various business areas.  It was very difficult to get information out of these systems in a meaningful way and made making quick business decisions nearly impossible.  NorthScope ERP software gave us a comprehensive system that allows us to easily get information from all segments making it possible to make informed, educated business decisions.”

Kathi P. Alaska Seafood Processing

“NorthScope is tailored to our business and understands our business better than anyone else.  It’s efficient, easy to use, and we are able to produce very detailed reports.  Having worked 26 years in fish sales, I’ve used many systems. This is the best one – I love it!”

Laura S. Aquaculture Processing

“I love Northscope, it has made my life so much easier!”

Gail W. Primary Food Processing

“Our association with the principals of The Northlake Partners spans several years and various software development projects. The close relationship that developed with this consulting team enabled our company to work through some difficult and trying developmental issues.”

Joe F. Fruit & Vegetable Processing

“NorthScope is a well-integrated system with good reports and customer support that listens to us and uses our input to improve the product.”

Steve L. Alaska Seafood Processing

“NorthScope is very easy to use and the support team is A+! Their service level alone is exceptional and makes it easy to do business every day.”

Tracey B. Aquaculture Processing

“NorthScope is a great system that’s very user friendly, fast and allows me to pull the information I need within seconds.”

Madeline J. Aquaculture Processing

“These guys really took the time to learn our entire business and provided invaluable insight throughout multiple areas within our company. They did a great job managing projects that produced clear results and calculable ROI for our Sales, Inventory, Production, and Shipping operations. They have been instrumental in helping us grow our business and make our processes and procedures more efficient. They are trust worthy, personable, and easy to work with.”

Nitin S. Aquaculture Processing

The NorthScope Plan

3 steps to your success.



We meet with your team to identify your pain points to understand what’s important to you.



We create a project plan that will take away your pain points and is tailored for your success.



We configure your system with your data and hold your hand through training, launching, and beyond.

Why NorthScope?

Have you ever been frustrated using business software?

Maybe you haven’t found a system that can do everything for your food business so you’ve ended up with multiple programs that don’t work together. Or, maybe your current system is outdated. Maybe your software is stopping your company from growing because its inefficient, difficult to use, too expensive to upgrade, or you’ve simply outgrown it. Maybe you even tried implementing a system that claimed to be a good fit but it didn’t really understand your business.

Whatever your frustration, we get it and we can solve it. Read More

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