Data Warehouse

What is the NorthScope Data Warehouse?

And how does it work?

NorthScope’s Data Warehouse is an analytical tool built to provide valuable business insights, thanks to its real-time, integrated information, giving you complete visibility into your business at the click of a button.
With NorthScope’s Data Warehouse you can get access to real-time information spanning across your entire business. Whether you have a single company or multiple sites, the Data Warehouse will consolidate your data across all locations for a single source of information.

Thanks to the real-time snapshot the Data Warehouse provides, you can have information at your fingertips across all locations/divisions/plants, both individually and consolidated as selected by you. But the data doesn’t  stop there – not only can you get real-time data, but you can get historical data without the hassle of having to manually pull it each time you want it. With this combination of data in hand you can choose to simply view it or analyze it to do with it what you need, whether that’s finding answers, creating reports, etc. Because the data lives in both SQL Server and Excel, you have all the capabilities of these platforms for analyzing and  manipulating data while also being able to access the raw data to be used with other platforms for optimum analysis and decision making.

How can it benefit your food manufacturing business?

Are you tired of being forced to rely on manual data gathering that requires the clunky navigation between servers only to get data that may or may not be accurate, is prone to being duplicated, forces you to consolidate or separate into the correct buckets, and causes you so much stress as you must track it relentlessly to ensure no mistakes are made and no data is missed? NorthScope’s Data Warehouse was developed to relieve you of that stress by gathering and updating all your data automatically so you can use your time more strategically analyzing your data and making decisions based on the insights.

The data warehouse gives users the ability to analyze their business quickly and easily, using tools they are already familiar with. With this tool, the days of waiting hours or days for someone else to get you the answers you need are over.
Tom Williams

Managing Partner

What information does it provide?

Your power doesn’t begin at what you do with your data, it begins with choosing what data you even want to access in your Data Warehouse. If the data exists and is tracked in NorthScope then it can be shipped in your Data Warehouse – you just decide what’s meaningful to you and pertinent to make informed business decisions, and we make it happen.

Whether you want to be able to run financial statements for each of your companies regardless of the server they live on, or you want to find out how much you spend with any vendor at any given time, or you want to see how much your company owes to fishermen across all plants, or you want to breakdown your sales activities across the company by any data point (i.e. salesperson, carrier, etc.), or something else entirely, NorthScope’s Data Warehouse can help you do it.

What can it be used with?

Once your data is accessed in its easy-to-use Excel format, you have complete control. You can use the data to create custom reports, pivot tables, and more and each data set saves as a separate sheet that can be formatted and refreshed without losing your updated formatting. You can also control who has access to each data set and can share your data as you see fit. Or, you can connect the raw data to be used with other platforms for further analysis and reporting. Whether you prefer to use Microsoft’s Power BI, Tableau or another Business  Intelligence and Data Visualization tool, the possibilities are endless, and the power is in your hands.

What data can I access?

Types of data for executives

Types of data for salespeople

Types of data for analysts

Types of data for executives

Real time visibility, for one or more companies/divisions, consolidated and/or separated by company/division.

  • Borrowing Base
  • Cash Position
  • Aged Accounts Payable Balances
  • Aged Accounts Receivable Balances
  • Aged Fisherman Balances
  • Aged Grower Balances
  • Production Totals
  • Sales Totals

Types of data for salespeople

Real time visibility, for one or more combinations of companies, divisions, product lines, customer types, salesperson, region, country, etc. Data can be organized by week, period, month, fiscal year, calendar year, or date range.

  • Sales and/or Profit by Item ID
  • Sales and/or Profit by Item Type/Product Group
  • Sales and/or Profit by Customer
  • Sales and/or Profit by Customer Type
  • Sales and/or Profit by Salesperson

Types of data for analysts


  • GL Account Balances by period for every GL Account
  • Journal Line History

Fisherman Accounting

  • Fisherman Balances
  • Fish Ticket Taxes & Premiums
  • Fish Ticket details by Fisherman, Specie, Season, etc.
  • Pounds purchased by fisherman, vessel, specie, season, date, etc.
  • Fisherman Sales

Grower Accounting

  • Grower Balances
  • Grower Ticket Taxes & Accruals
  • Grower Ticket details by Farmer, Field, Commodity, Variety, Season, etc.


  • Lot traceability
  • Production Details
  • Item Balances by Items within all Sites/Warehouses
  • Lot Balances by Items within all Sites/Warehouses


  • Purchase history by Vendor and/or item
  • Vendor Balances
  • Aged Accounts Payables


  • Sales and/or Profit by Item ID
  • Sales and/or Profit by Item Type/Product Group
  • Sales and/or Profit by Customer
  • Sales and/or Profit by Customer Type
  • Sales and/or Profit by Salesperson

Brokerage, Rebates, & Promotions

  • Analyze details for all Brokerage Programs
  • Analyze details for all Rebate Programs
  • Analyze details for all Promotion Programs

Learn how NorthScope’s Data Warehouse can give your Food Manufacturing business reliable, real-time data to make informed business decisions.