ERP Software to manage the unique requirements for buying wild seafood direct from fishing vessels.

NorthScope’s Fisherman Accounting package is the most comprehensive solution to manage the unique challenges faced by off loaders and first receivers.


with Full ERP






The solution you need, fit for how you want to do business.

Looking for a single, industry-specific system to manage your business?

If you’re currently doing fisherman accounting on spreadsheets that requires you to do double data entry to get the accounting into your ERP system, we have good news: You don’t need to manage half your business in Excel and the other half in your accounting system. We have all the functionality you need in a complete system.

Looking for a fisherman accounting system to supplement your current systems?

If you need fisherman accounting for multiple plants but don’t want to overhaul your entire ERP system, we have good news: We have standalone functionality that can integrate with your accounting system.

NorthScope’s Fisherman Accounting functionality is specifically for off loaders and first receivers. 

Some features include:

Automated Fish/Trip Ticket Taxes & Premiums

Easily configure all fish ticket taxes and company accruals. Configure premiums to be auto or manually assigned to tickets.

Built In Reporting & Analysis

Built in reports and inquiries that provide easy access to all your data in formats that allow you to quickly analyze all your fishing transactions.

Correct & Re-Price Fish/Trip Tickets

Easily correct posted tickets or re-price tickets in bulk to create new ticket versions. New versions calculate any differences and post them to the fishermen accounts.

eLandings Integration

Import your fishermen, permits, vessels, and items for a quick implementation. Import tickets by ticket, day, landing, or tender batch.

Fisherman Loans

Robust features to manage loans that include the ability to charge interest, apply payments, transfer ticket balances to loans, and print Loan Statements.

Fisherman Settlements

Process settlements against a single ticket or by any combination of transactions and time. Settle to a single fisher or split settlements across multiple payees.

Mobile Application for Tickets & Sales

NorthScope mobile allows users to record fish/trip tickets and sales to fishers directly from the dock using a mobile device.

Regulatory Reporting

Tickets capture all the relevant data to ensure easy reporting compliance with regulatory agencies.

Save Staff Time

An easy-to-use interface designed with seasonal staff in mind that gives you access to your system from anywhere.

Transactions Specific to the Fishing Industry

Fish/Trip tickets, sales to fishers, payment receipts, distribute AP charges directly to fisher accounts, and balance transfers between fisher accounts.

Generic business software doesn’t understand your seafood business, NorthScope was built for it.

Supply Chain Management for Seafood Companies

Real-Time Inventory

  • On Hand balances by Site, Item, and Lot
  • Available balances by Site, Item, and Lot
  • Drill thru to inbound inventory
  • Drill thru to commited inventory
  • Inventory Holds
  • Variable and fixed weight items
  • Unit of measure conversions


  • Create & schedule Production Orders
  • Record Production against Production Orders
  • Record miscellaneous production
  • Yield Reporting
  • Bill of Materials
  • Integrated with costing

Integrated Accounting

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Aging
  • Simple year end close


  • Actual, Standard, and Market Costs for each Lot
  • Update costs monthly to add storage
  • Real time or delayed
  • Cost formulas


  • Full item history
  • Complete Lot tracing
  • Trace from source to customer
  • Certification management
  • Expiration Date Management


  • Automated Brokerage & Rebates
  • Freight Management
  • Price Management
  • EDI Orders
  • Variable and fixed weight items
  • Fast / easy order entry
  • Workflow Management
  • Attach documents to transactions

Business Analysis

  • Base reporting package
  • Download to Excel, Word, or PDF
  • Power BI (add-on)
  • Simple user interface
  • Personalize by user


  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Vendor pricing
  • Vendor item management
  • Receive directly into Inventory
  • Unit of measure conversions
  • Three way matching
  • Variable and fixed weight items
  • Attach documents to transactions

Fisherman Accounting

  • Fish/Trip Tickets
  • Fish/Trip Ticket Repricing
  • Fisherman Settlements
  • Crew Payments
  • Fisherman Loans
  • Attach documents to transactions

Happy Seafood Companies

“Our company had not updated software for many, many years and had ended up with several unconnected programs for various business areas.  It was very difficult to get information out of these systems in a meaningful way and made making quick business decisions nearly impossible.  NorthScope ERP software gave us a comprehensive system that allows us to easily get information from all segments making it possible to make informed, educated business decisions.”

Kathi P. Seafood Processing

“NLP is responsive, flexible, SMART, and capable. I view NLP as a partner.”

Leauri M. Seafood Processing

“NorthScope is a well-integrated system with good reports and customer support that listens to us and uses our input to improve the product.”

Steve L. Seafood Processing

Consistency and knowledge were the biggest differentiators between NLP and other ERP providers we’ve worked with. With other providers we were continually having to retrain their new and inexperienced staff on our business. With NorthScope, we’ve worked with the same team from the beginning of the sales process, through implementation, and now with ongoing support. We are always working with someone that understands our business and is knowledgeable about the functionality of the software. NorthScope has given us better business intelligence so that decisions that were previously made on a gut feeling or instinct can now be made or confirmed using data that is easy to access and analyze.

Michael K. Seafood Processing