ERP SOFTWARE TO MANAGE THE UNIQUE NEEDS OF FOOD Distributors, Importers, & Resellers.

NorthScope ERP is a single system that provides real time visibility and tight control over your purchasing costs, inventory balances, and sales margins. 

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A system built to manage the unique challenges you face, such as…

Limited Inventory Visibility

If your system doesn’t provide quick and accurate views of what is On-hand and Available to sell or use, managing inventory is difficult and without functionality to manage inventory in 3PL Sites, reconciling monthly storage bills is a laborious process.

Complex, High Volume Orders

If your system(s) don’t streamline order entry and fulfillment with tools including delivered freight accruals, freight matching, auto-emailing documents, quick drill-thru to customer history, customer specific order templates, automated Brokerage & Rebate accruals, Price List Management, etc. then it’s making your life harder.

Inefficient Delivery Scheduling Insights

Whether your deliveries are made by your own trucks, 3rd party carriers, or a mixture of both, there’s a lot of moving parts. Your route managers need real-time visibility that includes all the orders and items for each route.

Challenging Audits & Profit Analysis

Your system claimed to understand your industry but didn’t spend the time to get to know how your business operates so you’ve been left with multiple disparate systems that barely speak to each other (if at all). Not only is it irritating to juggle multiple systems, it also means your data is all over the place, taking longer than necessary to make informed decisions and duplicating effort.


Ill-equipped Software Systems

You tried implementing a system that claimed to understand Food Distributors only to realize it doesn’t actually handle the complexities of your unique business or it’s already outdated and no longer growing with your business but preventing your business from growing.

Lack of Vendor Support

Your current software vendor vanished after selling you on their “solution” or passed you off to a team of people whom you’ve never worked with and don’t understand your business.

with features to help optimize your business.


Effectively manage your purchasing process with requisitions, workflow, price lists, vendor templates and more.  Optimize visibility of inbound PO’s and how and when they will impact your inventory position.

Inventory Management

Manage on hand and available inventory in real-time by Item and Lot across multiple facilities, 3PL warehouses, and while in-transit. The NorthScope Warehouse Management functionality provides real-time updates from the shop floor using handheld devices.

Sales Order Management

Streamline your Sales Order process with workflow, price lists, customer favorites, EDI integration, and easy access and analysis of customer history. NorthScope provides visibility of your margins and the tools to manage freight, rebates, and brokerage expenses.


Trace all ingredients from source to customer with full item history and complete lot level tracing. NorthScope provides quick and accurate tracking of all ingredients, WIP products, and finished goods to ensure compliance with regulatory and customer requirements.

Cost Management

Manage and track your costs against each lot as they flow through the system to drive profitability that includes not only materials and production costs but also freight, commissions, brokerage, and other sales expenses.

How NorthScope Can Help

Real-Time Inventory

  • On Hand balances by Site, Item, and Lot
  • Available balances by Site, Item, and Lot
  • Drill thru to inbound inventory
  • Drill thru to commited inventory
  • Inventory Holds
  • Variable and fixed weight items
  • Unit of measure conversions


  • Automated Brokerage & Rebates
  • Freight Management
  • Price Management
  • EDI Orders
  • Variable and fixed weight items
  • Fast / easy order entry
  • Workflow Management
  • Attach documents to transactions

Integrated Accounting

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Aging
  • Simple year end close


  • Actual, Standard, and Market Costs for each Lot
  • Update costs monthly to add storage
  • Real time or delayed
  • Cost formulas


  • Gross Margin to reflect Product Cost.
  • Net Margin includes freight, brokerage, and rebates.
  • Margin calculations by transaction, item, and Lot.
  • Margin calculations by actual or market costs


  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Vendor pricing
  • Vendor item management
  • Receive directly into Inventory
  • Unit of measure conversions
  • Three way matching
  • Variable and fixed weight items
  • Attach documents to transactions

Business Analysis

  • Base reporting package
  • Download to Excel, Word, or PDF
  • Power BI (add-on)
  • Simple user interface
  • Personalize by user


  • Full item history
  • Complete Lot tracing
  • Trace from source to customer
  • Certification management
  • Expiration Date Management


  • Create & schedule Production Orders
  • Record Production against Production Orders
  • Record miscellaneous production
  • Yield Reporting
  • Bill of Materials
  • Integrated with costing

Sales Order Price List History Inquiry

Optimize your business for profitability.

One of your top priorities is making sure you’re hitting your margins and the only way you can do that is by ensuring your inventory is full of product that’s selling and is selling at the right price. NorthScope combines flexible price lists with robust inventory management and visibility and sales analysis to help you do just that. With sales orders that pull prices from custom price lists and display margins based on the item’s actual cost, you can see exactly how you’re measuring up to your profit goals. Plus, NorthScope allows you to make item substitutions so you don’t lose out on the sale due to out of stock inventory while still maintaining margins.

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Manage your customers’ expectations with ease.

You interact with your customers a lot  and they rely on you to answer their questions and give them the information they’re looking for – and you need to follow through. As such, your salespeople need access to real-time inventory while on the road and they need the ability to substitute products for out of stock inventory on the fly based on defaults. They also need visibility into order history during order entry as well as robust sales analysis to answer questions on the fly. NorthScope provides all of this and more. The cherry on top? NorthScope lets you configure many aspects of how you manage your customers including: customer specific notes, defaults, favorites, substitutions, item numbers, price lists, credit limits and more.

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Customer Record View

Complete Inventory Visibility & Control

Get the insight you need to make strategic inventory decisions.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an easy way to look at and evaluate the movement of your inventory and inventory levels? With NorthScope, you can. NorthScope provides detailed visibility into your real-time and historical inventory levels including drilling down to all your inventory movements categorized by transaction type so you can make strategic decisions to keep the product that sells and not the product that’s stagnant. You no longer have to be limited by inaccurate inventory balances or a disconnect between your inventory and sales – get complete control over and visibility into your inventory.

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Align your business and plan accordingly with integrated orders, production and shipments.

With a high volume of orders coming in each day that are going to multiple different destinations with many different load configurations, you need to be able to manage your process from production through order fulfillment and delivery. NorthScope makes this process simple by providing completely integrated inventory, sales and load management. Instead of relying on tedious manual processes for remembering and fulfilling a customer’s unique request, you can use NorthScope’s order notes or user-defined fields to track any customization you’d like. And, instead of manually allocating ordered product, NorthScope helps you auto-allocate based on your preferences to accurately track inventory and save you time.

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Sales Order Shipment

Mass Update

Control how your software supports your business.

You should be able to manage your business the way you want – NorthScope’s user-defined fields let you customize the information you want and require without the cost of customization while configurable workflows allow you to determine the steps an order must go through and the unique requirements for each of those steps. Additionally, unlike other software providers, our first priority is understanding the unique needs of your business and helping work through your problems to create solutions. This partnership-focused approach doesn’t end once you’ve gone live with NorthScope, we continuously add new features to our software based on your feedback to make your life easier. That means support for your business needs can be added to the application as a supported feature, we can build new integrations to support applications you’re already using, and more. 

Learn how NorthScope can help optimize your Food Distribution business with ERP software built for your industry. 

Why NorthScope?

Your job is more than just basic accounting so your ERP software should be too.

  • You need a system to manage your transactions from start to finish; not just one for recording transactions after the fact.
  • You need visibility to real time inventory balances, within multiple locations, to manage sales and help you make strategic decisions.
  • You build orders, schedule pickups & deliveries, and manage freight expenses across multiple carriers.
  • You manage multiple Rebate and/or Brokerage programs.

You don’t just need an ERP system, you need food distribution ERP software that understands your industry and serves as accounting software, food distribution software, inventory software, sales software and more all in one. Read More

The Food Industry Isn’t One Size Fits All

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ERP software?

The ERP in ERP software stands for enterprise resource planning, which means that ERP software is software that helps you manage your various business processes with a single, shared database across multiple functions and business units. With NorthScope, you get one system to manage your GL, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Brokerage, Rebates & Promotions, Sales, Fisherman Accounting, Grower Accounting, and Loads.

Will NorthScope work for my company?

NorthScope was built to serve food businesses specifically in the Alaska Seafood, Wild Seafood, Fruit,  Vegetable, & Nut and Aquaculture Processing industries as well as Food Manufacturing and Food Distribution industries. It’s best for small to medium companies requiring as little as 3 NorthScope users to as many as 100+! NorthScope is great for those who have outgrown Quickbooks (or something like it) and some common pain points our customers experienced before switching to NorthScope were: non-integrated systems preventing them from achieving their goals, lost support for the solution they had because it was old and outdated and not maintained, too high of a cost to migrate or upgrade the solution they had, an inability to efficiently acquire new companies with the solution they had, a difficult to use system, and/or never-ending implementations because of a system that wasn’t tailored to their business or wasn’t implemented by a company with expertise in their industry.

What does NorthScope integrate with?

For our current customers, NorthScope has various integrations including EDI, barcode, eLandings, document imaging, scale weight, Microsoft Dynamics GP, trace register, cold storage and more. Additionally, all NorthScope functional areas integrate with each other. We’re constantly improving and adding integrations to NorthScope to offer the best, most efficient solution for our customers so if you don’t see an integration you’d like on this list, it doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t make it happen!

How is NorthScope hosted and accessed?

NorthScope is web-based software that you host based on your preference, whether that’s on a physical server that your company maintains or a cloud server, which can be included with the purchase of NorthScope. Once NorthScope hosting is established, you can access NorthScope from anywhere so long as you have an internet connection and a supported web browser – no individual computer installation necessary!

How many people can use NorthScope at one time?

When you purchase NorthScope you purchase with it as many user licenses as you need and you always have the option of purchasing more licenses as needed. These licenses are concurrent, meaning that you don’t pay for the total number of users but the number of users that are allowed to be logged in at one time. Additionally, any one NorthScope instance can have multiple companies or divisions within it, allowing you to switch between companies without having to log in and out!

How long do NorthScope implementations take and why?

NorthScope implementations average 3-9 months. This is because NorthScope is super configurable in order to give you the control and to avoid custom code (which is too expensive and unnecessary). That means we put a lot of effort into understanding your business and your data to make sure that we get NorthScope setup as best as possible for you to use most efficiently and seamlessly immediately upon go live. Additionally, a lot of software companies only care about selling their solution and moving on to finding their next dollar, but that’s not us. We care about you and your success, which is why we’re thorough in our implementation process in order for NorthScope to help you succeed. And we don’t just stop at NorthScope, we’ll help you improve your business processes along the way, too.