NorthScope Mobile

Delivering key information to NorthScope users, wherever they happen to be.

Created not to replace the existing NorthScope Web functionality but to supplement it, NorthScope Mobile’s focus is two-fold: exposing key NorthScope functionality where it makes sense to execute remotely and adding new functionality that would not be relevant in the traditional web interface.

As an enhancement and extension of the NorthScope web application, NorthScope Mobile shares the same cloud database, allowing the mobile app to be accessible anywhere there’s internet connection with data flowing to and from the corresponding web application.

Give your team access at their fingertips.

Create NorthScope transactions from anywhere.

Fish/Grower Ticket

Sales to fishermen

Sales to customers

Inventory Receipts

Inventory Production

Inventory Transfers

Inventory Adjustments

Access internal company reports.

Salespeople: Sales data, customer history, collections

Owners/Managers: Financial data, Outstanding Payables & Receivables

Record data needed for other systems.

Feed usage



Mobile access that grows with your business. 

Just as a food manufacturing business isn’t one-size-fits-all, neither is NorthScope Mobile. Transaction and Inquiry screens can be deployed uniquely for each installation and additional functionality can be added. For example, the ability to read data from a scale or log where a transaction was recorded with GPS can be added to the scope of your implementation.