Oct 17, 2022

NorthScope Mobile Delivers Key Information and Accessibility to Food Manufacturers at their Fingertips

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Banking, communicating, shopping, scheduling – the world has gone mobile and seemingly everything is available at your fingertips thanks to your smartphone, why should managing your business be any different? As a food manufacturer, whether you’re managing farmed fish, wild fisheries, growers and crops or you simply want on-the-go access to sales dollars, daily shipping stats, aging and more, NorthScope Mobile has you covered. Created not to replace the existing NorthScope Web functionality but to supplement it by delivering key information to NorthScope users, wherever they happen to be, NorthScope Mobile’s focus is two-fold: exposing key NorthScope functionality where it makes sense to execute remotely and adding new functionality that would not be relevant in the traditional web interface.

As an enhancement and extension of the NorthScope web application, NorthScope Mobile shares the same cloud database, allowing the mobile app to be accessible anywhere there’s internet connection with data flowing to and from the corresponding web application. Similar to the NorthScope web application, NorthScope mobile doesn’t limit its users to accessing only one instance of NorthScope, meaning access to all your companies’ or plants’ data is at your fingertips – literally. Giving its users remote access from their iPhone, iPad or Android device, NorthScope Mobile aims to provide a uniform experience, regardless of the mobile device being used. With a consistent tab navigator, NorthScope Mobile allows users to easily switch between different areas of the app and, when switching between tabs, the exiting tab is not closed, so any content on the old tab is still available if that tab is selected again. This allows for switching context between entering transactions and viewing inquiries. Available to NorthScope Mobile users is logically sectioned access to transactions, inquiries, alerts, settings and a high-level summarized home screen of data, detailed below:

  • Home: Serving as NorthScope Mobile’s landing page, the Home screen displays information cards, which are used to display summary information. Cards may have additional detail or actions that can be activated from the card itself.
  • Transactions: Transactions in NorthScope Mobile are streamlined and task focused, limiting to the essential data points and quickly advancing the user through additional input as necessary to reduce the amount of scrolling and/or picking necessary.
  • Inquiries: The NorthScope Mobile inquiries provide users with visibility into historical information and trends, distilled to the most relevant data points. This no-nonsense display includes drilldown to display more detailed information as needed.
  • Alerts: Alerts in NorthScope Mobile can take several forms including general messages targeted at all users or specific user groups as well as individual alerts arising from queued and processed transactions or immediate alerts arising from some validation failure.
  • Me: Your one-stop-shop for all individual user configuration of your NorthScope Mobile app preferences and settings.

However, just as a food manufacturing business isn’t one-size-fits-all, neither is NorthScope Mobile. Transaction and Inquiry screens can be deployed uniquely for each installation and additional functionality can be added. For example, the ability to read data from a scale or log where a transaction was recorded with GPS can be added to the scope of your implementation.

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Examples of NorthScope Functionality to Execute Remotely

Examples of New Functionality Not Relevant to Traditional Web Interface