Arctic Fisheries Switches to NorthScope
from Microsoft Dynamics Nav to Streamline Operations

The Highlights

Streamlined processes thanks to an intuitive, easy-to-use system built around their business

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Improved data access and analysis

Increased insights across all aspects of their business.

The Company

Arctic Fisheries Ltd. has been family-owned and operated since they began in 1921. They are a trusted wholesale distributor of frozen seafood products and are recognized as one of the industry leaders by their customers around the world.

Arctic began importing premium seafood from Iceland but has expanded across the globe to include Alaska, Russia, Norway, China, Vietnam, Canada, Maine, Massachusetts, India and Indonesia.

Arctic started with Atlantic cod and haddock, but has expanded to Atlantic pollock, ocean perch, lobster, Pacific cod, salmon and deep-water crab, Atlantic and Pacific crab and King crab, farm-raised tilapia and swai, and shrimp. Arctic’s brands include OP, Three Seas, X-Sea-Lnt, Alta Fresh, F.U.T., Bob and Doug’s, Rebellion, Bering Sea Fisheries, Yagry Packed at Sea, Iceland Frozen at Sea, and Iceland Harvest.

The Challenge

Arctic was on the hunt for an intuitive, industry-specific ERP solution to meet their business requirements and consolidate their current system and customizations. They identified specific and unique transaction requirements for:

  • Purchasing and Order fulfillment
  • Real time inventory balances across multiple facilities
  • Lot tracing with easy access to all Lot details
  • Brokerage, rebates, and freight management
  • Costing
  • Automated notifications to warehouses and carriers
  • Accurate and integrated accounting

Their data needed to be easily managed and accessible for analysis both from within the system and externally using Power BI. Other systems claimed they could meet the requirements but either could not deliver or did not understand the Arctic’s unique requirements.

The Approach

To alleviate Arctic’s concerns about systems that claim to understand their business but cannot deliver, NorthScope partnered with Arctic on an initial project to document their business requirements and show how NorthScope could meet them. Any identified gaps were documented along with the plan for how they would be addressed during implementation.

Upon the completion of this project, Arctic decided to move forward with implementing NorthScope, confident they were partnering with a solution that delivered on its promises and a team that thoroughly cared about, and understood, their business.

The Solution

NorthScope met all the business requirements with a complete system that is easy to use, intuitive, and fully integrated.

This was done by implementing NorthScope’s solutions for:

  • Financials & Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Purchase Order
  • Sales Order
  • Brokerage & Rebate Management
  • Costing
  • Freight Management
  • Data Warehouse

The Results

Armed with an intuitive, easy-to-use system built around their business, Arctic could now provide faster training of their new staff and NorthScope users while also streamlining their processes. NorthScope also improved Arctic’s access to their data and their ability to analyze it, which was further supported by the increased insight NorthScope provided into all aspects of Arctic’s business, allowing them to make decisions previously made on a gut feeling or instinct using business intelligence and metrics.

Overall, NorthScope provides Arctic’s entire staff from Accounting to Sales to Logistics the access to the tools and information they need to more effectively and efficiently do their jobs and the implementation allowed Arctic to build NorthScope around their business instead of deconstructing another system to try to make it work for their business.

The Review

Consistency and knowledge were the biggest differentiators between NLP and other ERP providers we’ve worked with. With other providers we were continually having to retrain their new and inexperienced staff on our business. With NorthScope, we’ve worked with the same team from the beginning of the sales process, through implementation, and now with ongoing support. We are always working with someone that understands our business and is knowledgeable about the functionality of the software. NorthScope has given us better business intelligence so that decisions that were previously made on a gut feeling or instinct can now be made or confirmed using data that is easy to access and analyze.

Michael Kotok, President