Aug 15, 2022

How NorthScope Helps You Grow While Managing Growers

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If you process fruits, vegetables and/or nuts, you know the importance of maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with your growers/farmers – you get quality product and your growers/farmers get quality service. How do you ensure you’re receiving the quality you pay for while providing the service your growers deserve and appreciate? Your software should be able to help.

NorthScope understands your industry and is configurable for your business’s unique needs, allowing you to…

Automate for Optimization

NorthScope understands your business and was built to optimize it. As such, it allows you to:

  • Automate Inventory Receipts from Posted Tickets
  • Create Automatic GL Accruals
  • Create Automatic Charges/Deductions to Farmers
  • Maintain Price Lists for Grower Tickets – with the automatic filtering of price list items based on the ticket class

Analyze & Trace for Profitability

Tracing from farm to fork is essential for fruit, vegetable and nut processors. Because of that, NorthScope provides traceability tools to track inventory and information for you to analyze your product through reports, inquiries and data including but not limited to:

  • Tickets and Ticket Lines Inquiries
  • Individual item properties such as organic vs. conventional growth methods, commodity, variety, etc. for easy analysis
  • Harvest information
  • The ability to assign quality test results and lot certifications
  • Sales Order allocations directly from inventory lots
  • The ability to accurately record custom processing instances
  • The ability to track third party warehouses

Manage Your Business for Efficiency

Working with growers, vendors, customers and more, you have a lot of business relationships to manage in addition to a variety of transactions. Instead of losing time getting caught up in the complexities of these partnerships and money management, let your system do the heavy lifting. With NorthScope you can:

  • Manage company-owned and 3rd party farms/farmers with GL accrual or AP Invoice settle methods
  • Access real time grower balances and create easy and accurate grower settlements
  • Quickly respond to grower questions
  • Conveniently access all grower transactions
  • Auto-calculate brokerage and avoid overpaying
  • Accurately record custom processing instances
  • Effectively manage customers
  • Effectively manage vendors

With a system like NorthScope that understands your industry and was built to help you maximize your time, you can focus on growing your business while NorthScope focuses on managing it efficiently.