Jul 1, 2019

Why NorthScope

Wouldn’t it be great if your team was fulfilled at work? Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend your time working on valuable things you enjoy doing? We think so, in fact, they’re the reasons WHY we do what we do.

Wouldn’t it be great if your service providers were backed by a team that’s with you for the long haul? Wouldn’t it be great if your vendors always provided you great customer service and exceeded your expectations? We agree and that’s HOW we do what we do.

Wouldn’t it be great if your ERP software was easy to implement, cost effective and made your life better? This is WHAT we do.

Other ERP systems are slow moving, can be hard to use and can’t change their path to meet your needs. We believe software systems should be agile and flexible and that as a software company, we must be responsive to our users’ requests and get their input for the direction of our software.

Why should your ERP system be so hard to setup, hard to change, hard to configure and sometimes be cost-prohibitive? Why can’t we challenge the status quo with a powerful system that you can easily configure, that allows you to fix mistakes, and that does not put your company out of business to buy? A lot of people hate buying ERP software, but it doesn’t have to be that way and we want it to be different. So, we created a different solution.

We believe you shouldn’t be miserable at work or feel undervalued doing remedial tasks. We think your business software can help with that, which is why we focus on providing software that makes your life easier and helps your company run more efficiently. We serve our users by setting the standard at bug free, hassle free, lightning fast solutions that solve their business problems.

In order to achieve this goal, we provide ERP software and step-by-step guidance for food manufacturers, giving them the tools to build the business they’ve always wanted. Our software is reasonably priced, easy to use, industry-specific, flexible and fully supported and our core values drive who we hire, how we operate, and the commitment we make to our customers:

  • We work as a team
  • We serve our customers
  • We take ownership
  • We exceed expectations

That’s “why” we do what we do. Book a demo today to discuss “why” NorthScope may be the right fit for you.