Apr 19, 2021

NorthScope 2021 Q1 In Review

2021 First Quarter New Features & Improvements

NorthScope ERP software for alaska seafood processors


Non-Monetary Data Improvements

Statistical Accounts

It’s our passion to give you the most useful functionality to better assist your needs, which is why we added a way to track and report on non-monetary data by adding Statistical Accounts, available as a list view in the Financial functional area.

Report Improvements

Payment Register Report

We’ve included a new Payment Register report so you can now easily view Check and ACH payments by Checkbook.

Fisherman Accounting

Fish Ticket Improvements

Taxes & Premiums

Fish Ticket Taxes and Premiums can be a pain in the you-know-what to set up. We added a Copy button to the Fish Ticket Premiums List View and the Fish Ticket Taxes List View. Simply select a single program to copy from before clicking the Copy button (also known as the EASY button).

In addition, the more transparency the better, we always say! That’s why we added two new tax columns – the ‘Tax Price’ and ‘Ext. Tax Amount’ columns now display by default on the Fish Ticket Lines List View and Fish Ticket Item History Inquiry.

Finally, you can now apply Premiums to Floating tickets automatically with the newly added option of “Auto Assign – Floating Tickets” to the Premium record view’s property of ‘How this Program is assigned to Tickets?’ And we’ll all float on… alright!

Ticket Classes

Don’t mind us, we’re chillin’ out here. We added a new property called “Require Chill Type Before Approval” to the ‘Setup’ group on the Ticket Class Record View, allowing you to determine whether or not this value is validated on ‘Approved’ or ‘Ready to Post.’

Chum/Red Split

We know how important splitting Mixed Fish tickets is. That’s why we updated the way we calculate the Chum / Red percentages and used the same calculation logic when you attempt to recalculate Mixed Fish percentages for tickets that have been Corrected. Please refer to How do the Chum % (Chum/Red Split) calculations work? FAQ for more information.

Split Tickets – New Feature!

“New” Fish Tickets may now be split amongst several Paid Accounts using the new “Split Fish Ticket” option from the More Actions drop-down on the Fish Ticket List View. You’ll enter a ‘Split Percent’ to auto calculate the ‘New Weight’ for a line item or manually enter it. The new split Fish Ticket will essentially be a copy of the original ticket containing the same properties, applicable programs, attributes, notes, etc. Want to split a previously split Fish Ticket multiple times? Go for it!

Payment Improvements


To verify that bank account information is set up correctly, NorthScope is offering the ability to send ACH prenotifications. We have added a Process Prenote button that will generate a .txt file that looks very similar to the ACH payment file, however the prenote file will have a zero dollar amount and a different transaction code that the bank determines as a prenote credit/debit. 

Additional questions may be answered on our newest FAQ detailing how prenotifications work.

You may also notice the page has been updated to the new NorthScope 3.0 framework.

And finally, did you know that you can hover over the ‘Account #’ field to view the entire account number? Yes, we’re tricky like that! It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) this information won’t be displayed or printed anywhere else.


Printing Improvements

Direct Print

We updated our code so that the Direct Print will open the associated PDF report in the NorthScope 3.0 framework, bypassing the Print dialog box as expected.

Notification Improvements

Message Queue

The message queue feature now works on NorthScope 3.0 framework pages. On older pages that have not yet been upgraded to the new framework, the message queue disappears after a few seconds, however with the new framework you will have to either view the message or ignore.

Report Improvements

User-Friendly Reporting

We made some Report updates, including the addition of Report Types to classify reports, moving the Manage Reports List View to the System Configuration menu, renaming the Location column as Launch From for clarity’s sake, adding some columns for enhanced visibility, and more.


Performance Improvements

Update Costs List View

We’re constantly trying to improve performance and our latest success in this venture is with the Update Costs List View, which loads faster than ever before thanks to our updated, more efficient code.


Transaction Class Improvements

List View

We wanted to class up the place a little and we did that by adding the new Invoice and Credit Memo Transaction Class List View. Here (Purchasing > Configuration) you may view, create, edit or delete Transaction Classes and their associated properties.

Build Payment Batch Record View

We added the ability to filter transactions by Transaction Class on the Build Payment Batch Record View. Usually, this filter will only include active Transaction Classes but if you don’t select a Transaction Class the results will return all transactions, including those on an inactive Transaction Class.

Payment Improvements


Just like we added the ACH prenotification for Fisherman Accounting, it was added for Purchasing as well.


Sales Order Improvements

Order Transaction Class

We added transaction class properties to Sales Orders for requiring a salesperson for posting, if you’d like. If you require an Inside/Outside Salesperson for posting, this will be validated on Approved and/or Ready to Post from the record view and list view, including when transitioning to a Workflow that moves the status of the order accordingly.


***For all Release Notes from Q1, please visit our Online Help***