Jan 5, 2022

NorthScope 2021 Q4 In Review

2021 Fourth Quarter New Features & Improvements

NorthScope ERP software for alaska seafood processors

Fisherman Accounting

Transaction Improvements

Split Ticket Updates

If you wanted to split a ticket 50/50, no problem, if you wanted to split it 25/75 that also was no problem. However, there was a problem if you wanted to be so precise in your split you were adding decimals places to the split percentage. Not anymore however, seeing as how we now allow you to split a ticket with a percentage including up to 5 decimal places. While we were at it, we updated the weight to support 2 decimal places because we wanted to be precise.

Mass Update Updates

Updating GL Date has never been easier. That’s because you can now update several Fisherman Sale transactions at once via Mass Update.

Additionally, mass update is a pretty handy tool when you want to, well, mass update – go figure. It’s good for updating or adding values to many records at one time, but what if you want to clear a value? We have now added the ability to do just that in the fish ticket mass update with Change Price List and Update Prices, Manual Premiums, Season, Site Processed, Stat Area, and Tender. Additionally, we updated the grouping and sorting to make it easier to work with and, last but not least, we added the ability to mass update Dock.

Inquiry & Report Updates

As Queen so eloquently stated, “I want it all and I want it now.” We get needing your data and needing it in a place that is easy to see and understand. That is why we added some more columns to a couple list views and an inquiry. We added Fishing Began to the Fish Ticket History, and added a comma separated list of active fisheries to the Fisherman & Tender list view and Fisherman Addresses list view.

We also gave the Ticket Line State Area History inquiry the help it needed by converting it to the NS 3.0 Framework, drastically improving its performance.

Finally, NorthScope ships a Fisherman Statement report that outlines each transaction for a given fisherman and many other parameters BUT, if you have a custom version of this statement, it can now be launched from the Fisherman Balances page.


Transaction Improvements

NorthScope Purchasing Phase 1 Updates – New Feature Spotlight!

We recreated NorthScope’s Purchasing functionality, complete with:

  • A completely redesigned and restructured purchase order transaction with added properties to track information such as payment terms, ship via, buyer, site, and more.
  • The addition of inventory items to purchase orders to reduce manual data entry and aid in real-time accuracy.
  • New purchase order lookup functionality on AP invoices and credit memos as well as inventory receipts, allowing the details of the linked PO to automatically be pulled into the transaction.
  • Support for inventory items on AP invoices and credit memos with the added capability to link purchase order lines to individual line items for increased accuracy in invoiced/ordered calculations.
  • Two new inquiries providing data for users to analyze all linked transactions based on purchase order.
  • And more!


Master File Improvements

Customer Updates

It can be said that there are two types of salespeople in the world, inside sales and outside sales. NorthScope understands and supports both, providing properties for both inside salesperson and outside salesperson. Except when it didn’t… which was the case with the Address tab in the Customer record view. But don’t fret! We fixed it and there is now a “Salesperson – Outside” and a “Salesperson – Inside” property on the Customer Address record view Properties and Addresses tabs as well as the Addresses list view.

Transaction Improvements

Sales Transaction Updates

We added Freight Terms to the Sales Transaction list view and Sales Transaction History inquiry – simple as that!


Data Warehouse Improvements

Table Updates

We added new data warehouse tables that can be used with Excel pivot tables, NorthScope Mobile or be generated locally at each plant and transferred to a central office location.

  • Transaction History – Lot Inquiry
  • Journal Line History Inquiry
  • Billing History Inquiry
  • Sales Order Items Inquiry
  • Fish Ticket History Inquiry
  • Fish Ticket Item History Inquiry
  • Ticket Line Stat Area History Inquiry.

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