Oct 3, 2022

NorthScope 2022 Q3 In Review

2022 Third Quarter New Features & Improvements

NorthScope ERP software for alaska seafood processors


List View Improvements

Address Updates

We updated the Addresses List View so that you can enter a text value in the Country column when in Edit mode or when adding a new address record.

Fisherman Accounting

List View & Inquiry Improvements

Fish Ticket Lines List View and the Fish Ticket History, Fish Ticket Item History Inquiries Updates

We renamed the ‘Site Processed ID’ column to ‘Site Processed’ because the value displays the Site Name not the ID value – go figure!

Report Improvements

Fisherman Statement Updates

We added a Default Fisherman Statement preference so you can select which version of the statement will open from the ‘View’ hyperlink on the Fisherman Balances List View, allowing you to default to a custom version of the report if applicable.

Grower Accounting

List View & Inquiry Improvements

Tickets and Ticket Lines List Views and Ticket History, Ticket Line History Inquiries Updates

To be more consistent and improve usability, we renamed some columns, updated some filters, and added some new columns to the Tickets and Ticket Lines List Views as well as the Ticket History and Ticket Line History Inquiries.

Functional Area Improvements

Beta Release Updates

After doing some spring cleaning in the summer to the Grower Accounting functional area, we revamped the list views for Tickets and Ticket Lines, added new preferences for Accrual and Charge rate decimals, updated the Ticket record view to allow you to enter the sample percent which will calculate the weight instead of forcing you to enter it, and made a bunch of other formatting and layout updates and there’s still more to come!


Transaction Improvements

Transaction Class Updates

We added some new freight-related properties on the Transfer Transaction Class Record View for setting defaults on Shipments and Freight Purchase Orders. We also cleaned up some properties for all class records and updated the Transaction Class List View for consistency and clarity.


Transaction Improvements

Transaction Class Updates

We added a record view for Purchasing Transaction Class and then updated the Transaction Class List View to be more consistent with the others in the system.

Purchase Order Updates

NorthScope already supports recording Freight as part of Sales Transactions and Inventory Transfers, however there wasn’t a way to generate purchase orders to pay freight vendors after these transactions with freight were posted.  Well, fear no more because now there is! Purchase Orders can now be automatically generated for delivered freight for posted sales transactions and inventory transfers if you so choose.


Transaction Improvements

Transaction Class Updates

Similar to the Inventory Transaction Class updates for freight properties, we updated the Sales Transaction Class records for Orders and Returns to include the new properties and cleaned up a few others while we were at it.

Shipment Updates

We updated the Shipment Record View to add columns that allow you to record and calculate Handling (Lumper) fees, we included some new calculated fields, and we updated a few existing columns to improve your experience of recording shipment information.

Find Items Updates

We added the Item attributes to the Find Items and Find Items With Balances Pages to make the pages more helpful for you.

Allocation Updates

Allocations are important. Even more important are speedy and easy allocations. That’s why we revamped the allocations page to be faster and better than ever – it’s more responsive and the experience is more fluid. We also added an Order Summary tab so you can see your items, ordered quantities, and allocated quantities of all items, not just the one you are working with. Overall, it’s simpler and more useful for you and we have cleaned up many things under the hood.

Setup Improvements

Address Updates

We had already allowed you to specify multiple Remit To addresses in the Company setup but now you can choose which Remit To address to use on sales reports for specific customers and transactions.

List View Improvements

Customer Addresses Updates

We added a new column to the Customer Address list view to display Payment Terms.

Report Improvements

Sales Order Updates

We added the ability for Customer and Customer Address notes to copy to new Sales Orders, we updated the Contact Types on these records and enabled auto emailing of reports to Warehouses and Carriers. For more information on how to configure contact types for report distribution, please see this FAQ guide.

Sales Programs

Functional Area Improvements

Beta Release Updates

As with the Grower Accounting functional area, we reviewed with a magnifying glass all things Sales Programs and revamped pages, re-ordered columns, added and removed columns, and programmed as much as we could to make Sales Programs as easy to use as possible.


Cloud Improvements

Azure Updates

As we continue to move forward and add more offerings, we need to keep up with the times… err clouds rather. We have improved our compatibility with Azure Web App Hosting.

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