Apr 10, 2023

NorthScope 2023 Q1 In Review

2023 First Quarter New Features & Improvements

NorthScope ERP software for alaska seafood processors


List View & Inquiry Improvements

File Import Updates

We implemented an entirely new file import feature for GL Journal Entries and added the GL Account Master File with new templates you can find here. For more information on how to use them please view our FAQ. Stay tuned as we continue to add more file import templates throughout the year.

Fisherman Accounting

Record View Improvements

Fisherman Sale Updates

We updated the Fisherman Sale save procedure to insert header and line items in the same execution, which unfortunately doesn’t mean anything to you NOW because it’s behind the scenes, but it’s preparing NorthScope for something even more exciting to come, so stay tuned!



Universal Updates

In this round of framework improvements, we did many things; improved performance, further future proofed, removed unnecessary work being done, and of course bug fixes. If you want to geek out with us on the details, you’re more than welcome.

Grower Accounting

Record & List View Improvements

Ticket Updates

We made a couple updates to the Grower Accounting pages, including cleaning up the Ticket record view and adding the Linked Inventory Item to the Ticket Item list view.

Mobile Application


App Updates

We made some more updates to our mobile app, including adding the ability to enter more detailed transaction information including Fish Tickets and Fisher Sales in addition to other bug fixes, feature and performance improvements.


Transaction Improvements

Sales Order Updates

The wait is over! You can now void and correct posted Sales Orders! While we were in the neighborhood, we also implemented an Order Copy feature. To learn how these new features work, view the details.

Sales Programs

List View Improvements

Programs List View Updates

We organized the Programs List View under the Setup menu instead of under Configuration – that’s all 😊


Communication Improvements

Email Updates

We added support for making direct connection to SendGrid for email from NorthScope as SendGrid is an email processing service that handles things better than our current DB Mail. This should continue to improve your emailing experience within NorthScope. 

We also updated the email body message format for emails sent from the Print Window so that the important parts are first and not buried by the less important parts.

Notes Updates

We like it when our customers are attached to NorthScope, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We had an inkling that you all would like to attach more than just yourselves to NorthScope… Now inside the Notes dialog for all master files and transactions, there is an “Attachment” note type that allows you to upload one file at a time via the notes dialog.


***For all Release Notes from Q1, please visit our Online Help***