Jan 16, 2020

2020 Alaska Seafood Processing List of Resources

2020 Alaska Seafood Processing List of Resources Blog Image

As an Alaska Seafood Processor, you have a lot of rules and regulations you need to abide by in order to keep your business afloat. As we enter 2020, here’s your list of resources to make sure you’re up to date on the latest regulations regarding Alaska Seafood Processing.

Department of Environmental Conservation regulations re: seafood processing and inspection (18 AAC 34)

Some updates were made in July that went into effect as of October 2019, which means you’ll be held accountable for these updates throughout 2020. Examples of these updates include “A processor shall develop, maintain, and make available for department review written procedures sufficient to notify consumers of a product recall and remove affected product for commerce…” and “Each master container and retail package of a seafood product must be labeled in letters at least one-eighth inch high and comparable in size and style to other label lettering…” among others. Click the link above to get informed on all the latest updates.

eLandings Fish Ticket Codes

From species to gear to conditions and more, there are a lot of codes you have to keep straight when entering Fish Tickets in order to keep your data accurate and prevent any inefficiencies or issues down the line. To help you keep these codes straight, we’ve linked an exhaustive list of all eLandings codes to serve as your own little reference guide.

ADF&G Commercial Fisheries Regulations

From the 2019-2021 Bristol Bay Commercial Salmon, Herring, Subsistence and Personal Use Fishing Regulations to the 2019-2020 Commercial Groundfish Statewide Fishing Regulations and everything in between, the above link will take you to all you need to know regarding 2020 ADF&G Commercial Fisheries Regulations.

2019-2020 Draft Notice of Proposed Changes in the Regulations of the Alaska Board of Fisheries

The proposed changes in the regulations of the Alaska Board of Fisheries won’t be finalized for 2020 until after all the 2019-2020 cycle meetings are complete. But, to see what changes you may be in for or to add your comments, click the above link. The 2019-2020 cycle meetings for the Lower Cook Inlet Finfish took place between December 10th and 13th of 2019 and the Kodiak Finfish meetings just finished on January 14th. The Upper Cook Inlet Finfish meetings will take place between February 7th and 19th and comments are due by January 23rd while the Statewide King & Tanner Crab meetings will take place between March 8th and 11th with comments due by February 21st.

NOAA Sustainable Fisheries in Alaska: Alaska Fisheries, Fishing Resources & Regulations and Management Actions

Find information on commercial Alaska fisheries such as catch share and limited access programs, on fishing resources such as fishery seasons, and on regulations and management actions such as fishery management plans and amendments using the link above.

Commercial Fishery Announcements

Get the latest announcements on things like harvest levels and season dates as well as season openings at the link above.


Get excited for the 2020 season by familiarizing yourself with the latest 2020 season forecasts from ADF&G to strategize for the best season yet!