Feb 1, 2019

Three Reasons to Choose an ERP System Specifically for Food Manufacturers

As a food manufacturer, meeting the record-keeping and lot-tracking requirements placed upon you by government regulations is of the utmost importance. So, why shouldn’t it be of the utmost importance to your ERP system, too? Well, it should – and here are our top three reasons why:

Track, trace and ensure your product quality to prevent recalls and adhere to industry standards.

The average cost of a recall within the food industry is $10 million in direct costs, which doesn’t include the cost of brand damage and lost sales. Ouch. But, with an ERP system that tracks and traces your product, you can minimize the effects of recalls. How? With a system that allows you to conduct an efficient and targeted recall using real-time data to quickly identify and remove the problem, thus preventing a mass recall, avoiding exponential recovery expenses, and protecting your brand and relationships.

Additionally, regulations are more stringent than ever on food manufacturers, so without an ERP system that tracks your product, you’re at risk for losing licenses, certification, and money – lots of money. However, by implementing an ERP system with these tracking features, you can rest assured that when asked to prove where your products came from, you’ll rise to the challenge seamlessly with the help of your ERP system.

Optimize your inventory to maximize profits.

Just as you don’t want to endure a recall, you don’t want excess inventory. Ironically, excess inventory is the exact thing that can lead to a recall as it can lead to quality and safety issues. To avoid this, you need an ERP solution that offers real-time, detailed insight into your inventory levels. That way, you will always know what you have, how much you have, and how long you should have it so that you can sell the right product at the right time.

Integrate to increase efficiencies and productivity.

As a food manufacturer, you need to be able to quickly and easily access consolidated financial information to trace costs, have visibility to real-time inventory levels when making sales and purchasing transactions, share information between departments, and more. With an integrated ERP solution, these integrated modules can cover aspect of the manufacturing enterprise and provide seamless data transfer and access between departments.


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