Mar 18, 2019

How Your Food Manufacturing ERP System Can Help You Increase Efficiency & Productivity

With more than 600,000 businesses in the food and beverage industry, competition is fierce. To increase your bottom line and beat the competition, you can’t sacrifice product quality or production output – so what do you do? You improve efficiency and productivity with the help of your ERP software. Here are three ways your food manufacturing ERP system, such as NorthScope, can help you increase efficiency and productivity:

Increase automation and integration to reduce errors and maximize time.

With an ERP system that provides useful automations and integrations you can ensure data accuracy and save time by eliminating manual data entry. By eliminating manual data entry, you’re improving efficiency and productivity by repurposing the time it would take to fix avoidable mistakes and spending it working on more important tasks that will help your business succeed.

Prevent recalls with improved quality control.

By preventing recalls you can avoid the unnecessary time and hassle a recall brings and spend that time and energy on proactive measures instead of reactive ones. To prevent recalls, you need a system that can track production lots and quality test results so that you only release product that adheres to industry and company standards.

Accurately track inventory to grow profits.

Optimal inventory tracking will help you manage production levels accurately and efficiently. With a system that optimizes inventory tracking, you will have real-time transparency into shortages, sales trends, and more, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding production to ensure resources are being productively used to increase sales. Schedule a NorthScope demo today to learn more about how NorthScope can help you increase efficiency and productivity across your business.