Sep 18, 2019

Food ERP Software – What Makes Us Different?

Food ERP Software Differentiator

When it comes to your business software, you deserve a system that partners with you to achieve your goals. And how can it do that if it doesn’t understand what you do? We don’t think it can. That’s why NorthScope was built to serve your industry as ERP software for food manufacturers. That’s also why NorthScope continues to be improved based on our clients’ feedback regarding their wants and needs. With specific focus on Alaska Seafood, Fruit and Vegetable, Aquaculture, and Primary Food Processing, NorthScope was built to help you succeed by providing industry-specific software that gives you the tools to build the business you’ve always wanted.

We know you have options when it comes to picking your food ERP software, so we want to make clear how we’re different.


Access your web-based system from anywhere and improve efficiency with automated data flow, reports, defaults, and more.

Fully Integrated

Simplify your life by managing your entire business within one system complete with internal and external integrations including integrations with EDI, bar code systems, Microsoft Dynamics GP and more.

Scalable To Your Business

Help your business grow with a system that supports growth thanks to its sales management, inventory management, and payroll features.

Built For Your Industry

Lead your company to success with built-in features created for your industry in Alaska Seafood, Aquaculture, Primary Food, or Fruit and Vegetable processing.

Easy To Learn, Use & Configure

Reduce training time and spend that saved time on things that will help you succeed with easy to find answers, no duplicate data entry, configurations by location and user, and more to make your life easier.

Fully Supported

Get your questions answered quickly with a designated help team focused on your and your industry.

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