Jan 18, 2021

Complete Inventory Visibility & Control with NorthScope Food ERP 

Whether you are trying to track down specific products or specific quantities for an interested customer, managing the balances of your global inventory or reconciling month end quantities you need real-time data that is accurate and easily accessible.

With the click of a button, NorthScope lets you find your inventory data on your terms.

With seemingly endless search options, you can find all of a specific type of inventory and narrow by site… or jump right to an individual lot or item code. And, you can narrow the results by searching for a specific size or by searching for a specific product grade. And just keep narrowing until you’ve found what you are looking for.

But that’s not all – if your customers have specific requests about the age of the product, you can search for exactly what they’re asking for and order the results by production date so you can get them your freshest product.

You can also drill deeper into the balances to see where the product has already been allocated or review the history of a particular item or lot.

Get complete visibility into your inventory and complete control over how you allocate it with NorthScope.

Optimize your food business today, with ERP software built for your industry.