Sep 6, 2022

NorthScope: An Integrated Solution for Food Manufacturers

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Generic ERP software doesn’t understand your unique needs as a food manufacturer (that’s why it’s generic *ahem*). But, that doesn’t mean your only alternative is completely custom software – talk about a hefty price tag! Meet NorthScope – an integrated solution for food manufacturers.

Built to be as simple or as robust as you need.

Whether you need a complete, standalone ERP system built for your industry or a system to supplement what you’re already using, get the tools you need with NorthScope. Maybe you’ve looked at systems that claimed to understand food processors only to find they didn’t address your unique needs. Maybe you’re using QuickBooks and just need to add something to better manage the industry-specific aspects of your business. Or, maybe you’re somewhere in between. Whatever you need, NorthScope can help. NorthScope can serve as your standalone ERP software built for food processors or it can supplement the systems you’re already using to provide the industry-specific features you need to optimize your business. With NorthScope, you can integrate disconnected parts of your business to increase efficiency and provide better visibility for making strategized decisions. Whether you need integration with a reporting agency, your current system, or potential systems such as bar code, EDI, or a cold storage, NorthScope has a proven track record of building integrations that help your business run as efficiently as possible. Plus, NorthScope already includes fully integrated functional areas for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, and Sales. With all these integrations you can get complete visibility across departments to make more informed business decisions.

Internally Integrated

NorthScope was built to serve your unique business needs, which is why it comes equipped with fully integrated Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, Financial, and Sales Programs functional areas. Additionally, for seafood processors, NorthScope’s Fisherman Accounting functional area streamlines many of the daily transactions and the management of various industry-specific functions. Similarly, NorthScope’s Grower Accounting functional area allows farmed fish, fruit, vegetable, and/or nut processors to manage their growers, deliveries and more with ease. For all food manufacturers, NorthScope’s data warehouse is an analytical tool built to provide valuable business insights, thanks to its real-time, integrated information, giving you complete visibility into your business at the click of a button.

Externally Integrated

While NorthScope and its team understands you and your industry, it also understands that sometimes the best solution for a particular need exists elsewhere but that shouldn’t mean having to juggle multiple disparate systems. Instead, integration is key to maximizing a seamless, connected solution. That’s why NorthScope has various integrations for its current customers, including EDI, barcode, eLandings, WMS, document imaging, scale weight, and more while constantly improving and adding integrations to NorthScope to offer the best, most efficient solution for our customers.