Jun 25, 2021

How More Data Means More Money for Your Food Business

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To make informed decisions for your business, you need information. That’s where data comes in. But, it’s more nuanced than that – you need the right data. What does that mean for you? The easiest way to figure out what data you need is to look at the data you’re currently missing thanks to your ill-equipped business software.

If you don’t have good visibility to your inventory once it’s transferred to a cold storage, you’re forced to learn and use multiple applications to manage your inventory – and juggling multiple systems costs time and money.

As a food manufacturer, you likely distribute product through third party warehouses that operate independently from each other, which adds complexity to traceability, sales, production planning, costing, month-end, and more. Without all this data in one place, you’re forced to create workarounds and inefficient measures to manage your business. NorthScope solves this by providing visibility to your inventory whether in your facility, in-transit, or in third party warehouses, providing inventory management that’s optimized for your food business. No longer be limited by inaccurate inventory balances and get real time and perpetual inventory balances with the level of detail you need. With support for multi-site, multiple points of lot data, units and weight tracking, variable weight tracking, multiple inventory ownership and more, NorthScope understands the importance of traceability when it comes to food inventory. Get complete control over and visibility into your inventory.

If you’re unable to quickly get “on-demand” answers for sales and other data analysis, your team may be wasting time looking for answers or manually compiling the data they need.

Your system should give you the information you need to manage your business and allow you to analyze your sales data to make strategic decisions. NorthScope makes sales analysis easy by providing profit margin analysis of delivered freight, promotions, Food Service charges, and other selling expenses. All transactional data across Sales, Inventory, and Purchasing can be easily accessed in multiple forms. Whether you need to get accurate profit margin data that includes delivered freight, brokerage expense and other food service charges or you need to assess the history of an item’s price for a particular customer or any other piece of sales data, NorthScope tracks key sales data points and allows you to manage it, analyze it and process it however you need. With customer and/or industry specific Price Sheets with price effective dates, support for multi-currency, delivered freight management and cost analysis, custom workflow and status setup for your enterprise level sales order entry and more, NorthScope puts the control over your sales data in your hands.

If your system claimed to understand your industry but didn’t actually solve your unique needs, then you probably invested a lot of time and energy that now feels wasted.

You tried implementing a system that claimed to understand Food Manufacturers only to realize it didn’t actually handle the complexities of your unique business, so it was back to using Excel spreadsheets as a database and data entry platform – and relying on Excel as the data entry platform and database for managing your business is inefficient and frustrating. By upgrading to software that understands your business and is optimized for your needs, you can rely on NorthScope to do the heavy lifting and use Excel for ad-hoc analysis as needed. NorthScope is built exclusively for Food Manufacturers so your needs become our features. Additionally, because systems claim to understand your industry but don’t spend the time to get to know how your business operates, you’ve been left with multiple disparate systems that barely speak to each other (if at all). And regardless of how irritating it is to juggle multiple systems; it also means your data is all over the place, so it takes longer than necessary to make informed decisions. It also means you’re duplicating effort. NorthScope is not only a fully integrated ERP system but it was built to integrate with other systems.

No matter what data you’re missing, getting more data can mean more money for you. According to Business Wire, data is especially important in the food and beverage industry as data can help manufacturers “see where they can reduce waste and save resources” while data and analytics are also useful for market trends as well as “the tracking of surplus and supply gaps to avoid future supply and demand inconsistencies, which in turn, reduces waste and saves costs.”  Learn how NorthScope can help give your food manufacturing business more data so you can make and save more money by booking a demo today.