Oct 1, 2020

NorthScope ERP Software Releases Fastest Framework Yet for Food Manufacturers

New Framework Increases Speed of Saving Inventory Transactions by 50% 

In the third quarter of 2020, NorthScope ERP software released its latest framework, allowing its food manufacturing users to manage their inventory faster than ever before.

The NorthScope 3.0 Framework has been implemented on NorthScope’s inventory transactions and inquiries as the first step in its plan to completely revamp the software’s entire framework, with updates to the rest of the functional areas to follow in the future. Thanks to this new framework, the current upgrades to NorthScope’s inventory functionality include:

  • Pages loading faster than ever due to the new framework pages being stored on the server and only reloading the data as opposed to the entire page. 
  • The fastest inquiries NorthScope has ever seen thanks to new download functionality that only downloads the data users ask for via their column layout and search criteria, which is extremely helpful when returning thousands of records at a time. Plus, the inquiries now display on a single page with scrolling capabilities instead of paging, and filtering is instant.
  • Incredibly fast saving within editable grids on transactions thanks to only saving the row(s) users edited instead of the entire transaction, which is extremely useful on transactions with hundreds of rows.
  • New time-saving features for users such as drop-down list functionality to select all items within the list as opposed to individually selecting each item, date range selectors that now include options such as the last seven days, month-to-date, year-to-date and more instead of selecting the from and to dates (which users can still do), page search feature that will find what users have entered in the search box across all data on the page, as well as new and improved filtering and grouping functionalities.
  • The ability for users to create their own custom pages to be added to NorthScope.
  • A modernized look and feel.

Discussing the new NorthScope 3.0 Framework, NorthScope Development Manager Jacob Swanson said, “It was a long process getting this new framework up and running, but the enjoyment we got after seeing the speed improvements and improved usability made it all worth it. Before, some transactions took several seconds to just open and now users can open them, make changes and save all in the same amount of time. We’re excited to help our users’ efficiency improve with this massive upgrade to their system.”

The NorthScope 3.0 Framework is just one of many new features and improvements released this past quarter, along with several housekeeping items giving users more information to audit transactions. Future plans for NorthScope include new features for its export to Excel functionality, multi-language support and more.

About NorthScope: NorthScope is ERP software for food manufacturers created by the Northlake Partners (NLP) to specifically support the Alaska Seafood, Fruit and Vegetable, Aquaculture, and Primary Food Processing industries. Since 2008, NLP has been providing ERP software and step-by-step guidance for food manufacturers, giving them the tools to build the business they’ve always wanted.