Jan 4, 2023

NorthScope 2022 Q4 In Review

2022 Fourth Quarter New Features & Improvements

NorthScope ERP software for alaska seafood processors


List View & Inquiry Improvements

Checkbooks List View Updates

We converted the Checkbooks List View to the 3.0 Framework and added a Delete button so you can remove any unwanted Checkbook records, provided they have not been used on any transactions, of course.

Fisherman Accounting

Record View Improvements

Fish Ticker Updates

We updated the Fish Ticket Record View to allow you to edit Net Weight – it used to only be a calculated column.

List View & Inquiry Improvements

ADF&G List Views, Fish Ticket Items List View, Tax Details List View and the Tax & Premium Classes List View Updates

3.0! 3.0! 3.0! Can you hear the chant in your head now? That’s what was going on at The NLP when it came to converting pages to 3.0 during this release because we converted the ADF&G List Views, Fish Ticket Items List View, Tax Details List View and the Tax & Premium Classes List View to the NorthScope 3.0 Framework.


Record View Improvements

Transaction Class and Master File Class Updates

Sometimes you just want to edit a Class ID or Class Name. You don’t need to explain yourself, you should be empowered to make such a change. We decided with this release that we will give you that power. Go on with your bad self and change Class IDs and Names.

List View & Inquiry Improvements

Saved Grid Layout Updates

Have you ever packed to go on vacation and wound-up packing way more than you really needed? That’s what we were doing with Saved Grid Layouts, we were saving way more data than we needed to so now we only save the small amount of data we need. Also, remember all those times that we released new columns in grids and told you that you must remove your saved grid layouts? That is no more after this release.


Transaction Improvements

Costing Updates

We continue to improve the manually costing process so it’s more straight forward and easier to use for you. We also added default cost rates to items and improved how we track a lot’s born on date. All this just so that you can have a better experience using NorthScope. Happy Costing!


Transaction Improvements

Purchase Order Updates

We made some updates to Freight Purchase Orders including simplifying how they’re generated using new properties on the Sales and Inventory Transaction Class and Carrier records. We also updated the AP Invoice record to display the original Freight PO amount and any Freight Variance amount that may have occurred for the transaction. More information about the latest updates we made as well as how to manage and use Freight Purchase Orders, please see this user guide.

We also realized that you may need to enter line items on Purchase Orders with a zero quantity and/or price until a Vendor invoice is received or exact quantities of product are received, etc. We have updated how these lines are added to the AP Invoice to ensure zero quantity/price items will auto load onto the transaction as expected from the Purchase Order.

Framework Improvements

AP Vendor Class Updates

The Vendor Class List View and Record Views both got the 3.0 treatment and we did a little housekeeping and cleaned up some properties and accounts that aren’t actually used anywhere.


Transaction Improvements

Payment Receipt Updates

Have you ever heard the saying, 3rd time’s a charm? Well that’s how we feel about the 3.0 framework. We have updated the Payment Receipt LV, RV, and Inquiry to be in the new 3.0 framework. We also added the apply documents grid inside the Payment Receipt Record View so you can add applications while working on the payment receipt and you can settle open Rebates by simply typing in an amount you want to settle. There are many more things that took place with payment receipts but that’s what the help is for, so head on over to NorthScope help and take a look. Better yet, try it out!

List View & Inquiry Improvements

Carriers Updates

We converted the Carriers List View to the new 3.0 framework and made some column changes to display the newly added Freight PO related properties by default. We also created a much needed Carrier Record View which will make it easier to set the properties and contacts needed for each Carrier, as well as make it consistent with other master file pages.

Sales Items Updates

We added the Print button to the Sales Item List View and History Inquiry so you can…print….from these screens.

Sales Transaction Items Updates

We added the Contract # column to the Sales Transaction Items List view and that’s all we have to say about that.

Customer Addresses Updates

We also removed the ‘Default Ship To’ column from the Customer Addresses List View.

Tax Details Updates

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! We also updated the Tax Details List View to the 3.0 Framework.


***For all Release Notes from Q4, please visit our Online Help***