May 27, 2015

Introducing NorthScope for the Alaskan Seafood Industry


NorthScope™ for Microsoft Dynamics® GP has been invaluable to customers in the food manufacturing industry. From sales orders and contracts, to inventory and logistics management and more, NorthScope offers the best software solution to food manufacturers and distributors. Every feature is hand-tailored specifically for the industry, and our team works with customers to discover, develop, and implement all included features. Recently, the NorthScope team has worked closely with customers in the Alaskan Seafood industry to bring forward a new set of tools, built specifically for fishing companies involved in Alaskan Seafood processing.

Whether you manage fishing boats catching crab, salmon or halibut, tenders delivering fresh catches to the docks, employee payroll and deductions, prepare month-end close, or enter fish tickets following the standards set by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G), NorthScope has the tools you need to do your job faster and with more accuracy. Our toolbox includes everything your business needs in order to handle:

  • Fisherman Management
  • Real-time Settlement Balances
  • Settlement Check splits
  • Employee Management
  • General Ledger and month-end close
  • Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Tracking
  • Reports & Analysis
  • Sales & Inventory

We are proud to announce these exciting new features to our software. Read more to learn about some feature highlights.

Fish Tickets

NorthScope boasts a user-friendly interface that is configurable by user, and provides data analysis of all ticket fields. Entering and managing fish tickets is quick and easy, thanks to pre-loaded and auto-updated ADF&G codes for species, gear, management programs, stat areas, conditions, and dispositions. Taxes and premiums can be individually configured within each ticket to accommodate exceptions to defaults, and posted tickets can be re-priced or adjusted, to avoid messy post-voids and extra paperwork. Users are able to view settlement balances and process one or more settlement checks to fishermen.

Integration with Alaskan eLandings

Complying with reporting tools and Alaskan eLandings has never been easier. NorthScope integrates with eLandings databases, allowing users to upload, download, and edit all fish ticket details.

Financial Tools

NorthScope integrates all the financial details of your business transactions to your company’s general ledger. The Financial module provides all tools necessary to manage journal entries, fiscal periods, bank statement reconciliation, monthly reports, and more.

Employee Payroll

At its core, NorthScope’s employee features include payroll processing, deductions and withholdings, and tracking sick/vacation/PTO hours. Beyond these, NorthScope’s Alaskan payroll features can integrate with existing time clock and POS systems to record purchases for employees, allow employees to make purchases on accounts, and charge for employee expenses such as room and board. All of these options can be automatically configured to become payroll deductions.


Find out more about NorthScope’s solution for Alaska Seafood Processors.