Dec 23, 2020

NorthScope ERP Software Helps Seattle-Based Alaska Seafood Processor Implement 5 New Plants Amid Merger & 2020 Salmon Season

Local Software Company Implements Food ERP Software in 4 Months Amid Ocean Beauty Seafoods and Icicle Seafoods Merger for Newly Founded OBI Seafoods

Redmond, WA: In June of 2020, two Alaska Seafood processing powerhouses came together when Seattle-based Ocean Beauty Seafoods and Icicle Seafoods merged their shoreside plants and formed OBI Seafoods, LLC. Amid the merger, which coincided with salmon season, the five Icicle plants that joined the five Ocean Beauty plants adopted NorthScope, the same ERP software the Ocean Beauty plants were already using, and were up and running within four months.

During an unpredictable year, OBI’s biggest concern for the implementation was to be up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible as the merger occurred at the start of their busiest time of year: salmon season. By working together, NorthScope and OBI Seafoods were able to get all five of the new plants and the three new buying stations implemented seamlessly within four months. Now that all 10 of OBI Seafoods’ plants are using NorthScope, each plant has a system configured to its unique needs without the cost of custom code, they can now process ACH payments directly to fishermen, saving them the time and expense of writing checks, they can import their fish tickets automatically instead of manually entering them, and they can rely on modern and updated software with ongoing support their old software lacked. Their employees are happier since they can do their jobs more efficiently with the support of their software that understands their business, and they have the peace of mind that their software provider will continue to view the success of their business as a top priority.

Discussing the NorthScope implementation amidst the merger and salmon season, OBI Seafoods Director of Accounting, Steve Layman said, “NorthScope already contained most of the features we needed. It was also very configurable, which allowed us to manage the unique needs of our facilities without customization. In addition, its knowledge of our industry streamlined our implementations, and we were able to get the software up and running on a very short timeline. They worked with us to come up with a solution for our Alaska accounting needs and continue to work closely with us on constant improvements.”

All of OBI Seafoods’ plants have been implemented with NorthScope’s Fisherman Accounting, Financial, Purchasing and Sales functional areas. Prior to the merger, Ocean Beauty Seafoods had been using NorthScope since 2018. The details of the implementation resulting from the merger were captured and published in the OBI Seafoods Successfully Implements 5 New Alaska Plants Amid Merger During Salmon Season case study in December of 2020.

About NorthScope: NorthScope is ERP software for food manufacturers created by the Northlake Partners (NLP) to specifically support seafood processors, food manufacturers, food distributors and agricultural processors. Since 2008, NLP has been providing ERP software and step-by-step guidance for food manufacturers, giving them the tools to build the business they’ve always wanted.