Jul 6, 2023

NorthScope 2023 Q2 In Review

2023 Second Quarter New Features & Improvements

NorthScope ERP software for alaska seafood processors


New Features


Have GL Budgets? Of course you do. Want to manage them in NorthScope? Of course you do. Want a box of donuts for breakfast every morning? Of course you do! Well, we will give you the first two, the last one… maybe we just shouldn’t do.

List View Improvements

GL List View

You used to only be allowed to add and update GL Accounts. We now have given you the ability to delete GL Accounts, but don’t worry, we’ll stop you if you try to delete a GL Account that has been used. We also took a quick moment to fix some other things to make sure the GL Account list view is easier to use.


New Features


Security is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to your business data. That’s why we’ve implemented two-factor authentication for NorthScope. The login page will now feature a one-time password setup, which uses an authenticator app and corresponding security code. More information on setting this up and how it works can be found in this FAQ.


Item Improvements

Item Delete

Much like the GL Account list view, we added the ability to delete Items. Again, we won’t let you orphan anything and will stop you if an item has been used in the system.

Record View Improvements

Item Record View

We updated the item save to let you know if you have an Inventory item type without default Units of Measure for inventory. And, if you haven’t set the sales UOM defaults, we’ll set them for you. All of this to prevent you from having to deal with the annoyance of missing default UOMs or things not looking right after adding an item. See the help documentation for more info.

List View Improvements

Lot Balances List View

In our quest to offer you the fastest software possible, we continue to find ways to improve on performance – and this time, the Lot Balance List View was given said upgrade.

Mobile Application

New Features

App Updates

We are happy to share with you that you can create Fisher Sales, Fish Tickets and run some inquiries with NorthScope Mobile. If you are interested in adding NorthScope Mobile to your system, please contact us today for a more in depth dive into all that it has to offer.


Transaction Improvements

Payment Batch Updates

First, we upgraded the Payment Batch process to the 3.0 framework, making the process easier and faster than ever. Then, we improved some reporting because when building, printing and posting a payment batch, you want to see everything that went into the batch. Vendors are no different, they want to know how their credits applied to invoices and how the entire payment batch was created. This is now possible with the restructured FN Payment Remittance2 NS report.

Purchase Order Updates

We added Notes to the Purchase Order record view Item grid so you can store additional information for any item you’re purchasing, including attachments!


New Features


We have reimagined multi-shipment orders and have brought back a better, easier to use version of it. You can now add a shipment manually on a Sales Order by clicking More Actions >> Add Shipment, you can also delete it if you choose by selecting More Actions >> Remove Shipment. You can assign items to any shipment you’d like as well, as long as they haven’t already been allocated. Go on, try it out, we think you’ll like it!

Transaction Improvements

Sales Order Updates

While NorthScope already allowed you to assign contracts to line items in sales order, you can now calculate sold units of a contracted item or what’s remaining on a contract. We call that a major upgrade!

Receipt Updates

You can now void AR Payment Receipts as long as they haven’t been added to a deposit – no harm no foul.


***For all Release Notes from Q2, please visit our Online Help***