Oct 4, 2021

NorthScope 2021 Q3 In Review

2021 Third Quarter New Features & Improvements

NorthScope ERP software for alaska seafood processors


Attribute Improvements

Sales Order Attribute Updates

We renamed some Attribute Transaction Types for Quick Sales to be clearer and removed one that’s no longer needed.


Journal Entry Improvements

List View Updates

We removed some columns from the Journal Entries and Journal Lines List Views.

Fisherman Accounting

Fish Ticket Improvements

Price List Updates

We added some columns to the Fish Ticket Price List record to give you more visibility, including: Specie, Condition, Grade, Disposition and Sold Condition.


Usability Improvements

Framework Update

We updated the NorthScope 3.0 Framework so it will work as efficiently as possible for you with no adverse effects.

Save Process Update

We improved the NorthScope 3.0 Framework save process and applied it to the Item record view so it’s so much faster than before.


Framework Improvements

Item Record View & List View Updates

We’re continuing to update NorthScope to our 3.0 Framework and next up (but certainly not last) in getting this update were the Item Record View and List View.

Transaction Improvements

Production Order Updates

You told us what you want what you really really want. And that was to enter your own Production Order IDs. We did just that and added a new Order ID field to the Home tab of the Production Order record view so you can specify an ID or let it be auto assigned. We also made the Production Order List View much faster – that is all.


Framework Improvements

List View Updates

We updated A TON of inquiries and list views to the NorthScope 3.0 Framework, including: Invoices List View, Invoice Lines List View, Invoice History Inquiry, Invoice Lines History Inquiry, Purchase Orders List View, Purchase Order Lines List View, Purchase Orders Inquiry, and Purchase Order Lines History Inquiry. Like we said, a lot.


Transaction Improvements

Sales Order Updates

Would you like to be able to change the shipping address of a Sales Order and update its details all at once? Well, now you can! We updated the Change Address record that’s accessed from the Sales Order More Actions menu so you can select a different shipping address for the customer and update its details at the same time.

Report & Inquiry Improvements

Quick Sales Lines Inquiry Updates

There are no guarantees in life except death and taxes. We aren’t going to talk about the first thing because it’s pretty grim. However, we have made taxes less grim and easier to audit taxable items for Quick Sales, we have updated the Quick Sales Lines Inquiry to display a ‘Line Tax’ which is the calculated tax amount for the line and a ‘Line Total’ which is the total Extended amount + Line Tax.


Framework Improvements

Security Updates

If you’ve ever wanted to prevent some users rom accidentally adding, deleting, or updating records they shouldn’t in the NothScope 3.0 Framework, well now you can! We implemented Read-Only and No Access Security to the NorthScope 3.0 pages.

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