Feb 13, 2019

Capitalizing on the Organic Food Trend (With An ERP System for Food Manufacturers)


The Organic Food Trend

Do you produce organic fruits and/or vegetables? Do you want to capitalize on the monetary benefits of this ever-growing consumer trend? With the trend towards organic continuing to grow and with strict USDA standards as to being certified organic, food traceability is a must to not lose out on the monetary benefits of capitalizing on a trend that’s here to stay.

With USDA’s definition of organic agriculture, organic crop producers must use practices aimed at maintaining or improving the physical, chemical, and biological condition of soil, minimizing soil erosion, and accommodating an animal’s natural nutritional and behavioral requirements, thus increasing organic farm production costs. As of 2002, the national organic standard set by USDA requires organic farmers, processors and handlers to be certified by a state or private organization accredited by USDA. This triggered rapid growth in the consumer demand for organic food by providing confidence to consumers in the organic label.

By engendering trust and providing this level of transparency to consumers, the certification process is more impactful on the popularity of organic food than the name. As such, this verification and transparency may be more significant in consumers’ decision-making processes.

Because this certification is so valuable, losing out on it due to a lack of food traceability would be detrimental as organic food trends are expected to continue to grow.

According to Forbes, the U.S. consumer is smarter than ever about food choices with more opting for plant-based diets, resulting in a more direct farm-to-consumer connection as consumers continue to strive to get closer to nature. Data from the Organic Trade Association supports this theory as it found the organic food category generated annual growth rate of 6.4% in 2017 over its 2016 sales. Additionally, John Foraker, an industry leader in helping the organic food industry go from niche to mainstream, believes that it’s not a question of if the organic and natural food industry grows from its current 5% of the U.S food but how fast, and he believes it will grow to 20%.

Implementing a system with the capabilities to track your food products will help you prevent losing out on an organic certification and capitalize on this growing trend.

Championing Food Traceability with Your ERP System

As an ERP system for food manufacturers, NorthScope, understands the challenge of food traceability and is here to help.

With NorthScope’s robust inventory module, you can:

  • Easily record the test results from tests completed on various food products to identify their composition.
  • Easily identify product that does not meet the necessary requirements for certain standards to prevent recalls before they happen.
  • Identify product that meets or exceeds requirements for certain standards to determine the appropriate buyer.
  • Maintain environment and ingredient control.
  • Respond to recalls or customer inquiries efficiently and effectively.
  • Provide proof of product expectations to both customers and officials.
  • Ensure your product consistently has the same overall properties.
  • Track product properties and test results from production to testing to selling.
  • And more!


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