Food ERP Roundup: Happy Customer Experiences with NorthScope

If you’ve had the all too common experience of enterprise resource planning (ERP) providers claiming they can support your food business only to result in wasted money and time, you’re not alone. Many of our customers experienced just that before finding NorthScope and ERP success. But, don’t take our word for it – take theirs. 

Our company had not updated software for many, many years and had ended up with several unconnected programs for various business areas.  It was very difficult to get information out of these systems in a meaningful way and made making quick business decisions nearly impossible.  NorthScope ERP software gave us a comprehensive system that allows us to easily get information from all segments making it possible to make informed, educated business decisions. NLP’s ability and willingness to tackle issues and provide solutions is outstanding.  Tom and Adam really take the time to learn your business and want to help you succeed in your software transition.

Kathi P.

Alaska Seafood Processing

NorthScope is very easy to use and the support team is A+! Their service level alone is exceptional and makes it easy to do business every day

Tracey B.

Alaska Seafood Processing

NorthScope is tailored to our business and understands our business better than anyone else.  It’s efficient, easy to use, and we are able to produce very detailed reports.  Having worked 26 years in fish sales, I’ve used many systems. This is the best one – I love it!

Laura S.

Aquaculture Processing

NorthScope already contained most of the features we needed. It was also very configurable, which allowed us to manage the unique needs of our facilities without customization. In addition, its knowledge of our industry streamlined our implementations, and we were able to get the software up and running on a very short timeline. They worked with us to come up with a solution for our Alaska accounting needs and continue to work closely with us on constant improvements.

Steve L.

Alaska Seafood Processing

I love Northscope, it has made my life so much easier.

Gail W.

Food Processing

NorthScope is a great system that’s very user friendly, fast and allows me to pull the information I need within seconds.

Madeline J.

Aquaculture Processing

NLP is very knowledgeable, attentive, friendly, and easy to work with.

Andrea F.

Food Processing

These guys really took the time to learn our entire business and provided invaluable insight throughout multiple areas within our company. They did a great job managing projects that produced clear results and calculable ROI for our Sales, Inventory, Production, and Shipping operations. They have been instrumental in helping us grow our business and make our processes and procedures more efficient. They are trustworthy, personable, and easy to work with.

Nitin S.

Aquaculture Processing

Our association with the principals of The Northlake Partners spans several years and various software development projects. The close relationship that developed with this consulting team enabled our company to work through some difficult and trying developmental issues.

Joe F.

Fruit, Nut & Vegetable Processing

Consistency and knowledge were the biggest differentiators between NLP and other ERP providers we’ve worked with. With other providers we were continually having to retrain their new and inexperienced staff on our business. With NorthScope, we’ve worked with the same team from the beginning of the sales process, through implementation, and now with ongoing support. We are always working with someone that understands our business and is knowledgeable about the functionality of the software. NorthScope has given us better business intelligence so that decisions that were previously made on a gut feeling or instinct can now be made or confirmed using data that is easy to access and analyze.

Michael K.

Wild Seafood Processing

The NorthScope implementation for our Grower Accounting process was smooth and achieved the goals we had set. The team from NLP took the time to understand our business and their support through the process made a big difference because we didn’t have to learn everything on our own.

Sarah O.

Fruit, Nut & Vegetable Processing

NorthScope has greatly improved this side of our business while at the same time simplifying our processes and reducing the manual effort that was required.

Lauren D.

Wild Seafood Processing

NLP as an organization and NorthScope as a product has been a great partnership for us. The team we work with is very knowledgeable about our operations and the capabilities of their products so that we get very timely and helpful support when needed. We can call them with almost any problem, new line of business or any number of questions and they jump in to help us and get it solved. Over the years they’ve made a constant effort to keep us current on new technologies so that when we are ready, we can adopt these internally to help us do our jobs more efficiently.

Brad G.

Aquaculture Processing

Northlake Partners’ quality analysis of our company’s accounting and related operating challenges were tremendously insightful in helping us to develop an improved accounting software solution that has yielded numerous operating efficiencies and provided us with a better platform to help us manage and grow our business. The Northlake Partner’s team is knowledgeable, responsive and results-driven; we couldn’t ask for any better company to work with when it comes to reliable service and support of our accounting software.

Terry T.


As our business has grown and changed over the years, we have worked with Northlake Partners and the NorthScope system to meet a number of objectives – both internal and customer requested. We’ve been able to achieve every objective with the help of the NLP team and the NorthScope platform, which we use to manage and report on our businesses from the receipt of raw fruit from the fields through to the financial statements.

Juan B.

Fruit, Nut & Vegetable Processing

The NorthScope team has been great to work with – we really appreciate the time and attentiveness they’ve given us as they consistently came with suggestions for solving problems as if they were a part of our team and really invested in our success. Their ability to get our companies up and running in such a short amount of time with a system that is more flexible and easier to use than what we were previously using made a huge difference in what ended up being a record-setting season for us.

Kim P.

Wild Seafood Processing