Sep 14, 2020

What’s the ROI of Alaska Seafood Specific ERP Software?

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Successfully running a business isn’t one size fits all – and neither is business software. Running an Alaska Seafood Processing business is vastly different than running a publishing company and it’s even different than running a nut processing plant so your software should cater (food puns for the win!) to those nuances that make your industry unique so that you can run your business as successfully and smoothly as possible, thanks to, not in spite of, your software. So how do you make sure the industry-specific software you’re considering will give you the bang for your buck that you deserve? By determining your return on investment (ROI) from implementing the software.

According to CIO, the ROI of your software implementation can be calculated using the following outcomes as factors:

When determining the potential ROI of implementing Alaska Seafood specific ERP software, be sure to consider the following.  

1. Will it help you be more efficient?

Business software that understands your needs should make your business processes more efficient. For example, instead of manually entering your Fish Tickets into eLandings and then re-entering that data into your accounting/inventory/purchasing/Fish Ticket system(s), your ERP software could provide integration with eLandings so that all your Ticket data downloads to your system within seconds, requiring no duplicate data entry. So, if you previously spent hours re-entering eLandings Fish Ticket data into your systems, you could now have that time back in your day to spend on things more important than re-entering data (basically anything else).

Additionally, software built specifically for Alaska Seafood Processors should understand that tracking inventory is of the utmost importance and provide the tools to do just that. By helping you track your inventory your seafood software can not only help you ensure you sell product you’re proud of, it can actually help you prevent recalls (AKA: help you prevent losing a lot of money and damage to your reputation).

NorthScope Results

NorthScope is tailored to our business and understands our business better than anyone else.  It’s efficient, easy to use, and we are able to produce very detailed reports.  Having worked 26 years in fish sales, I’ve used many systems. This is the best one – I love it!

Laura S.

So, what’s the ROI bottom line?

  • Increases in: efficiency, speed, and value of offerings
  • Reductions in: costs, time, administration, and risk
  • Improvements to: productivity, processes, ease of use, motivation, capabilities, information, reputation, quality, and reliability

2. Will it help automate manual processes?

As an Alaska Seafood Software, you may have found yourself or your team spending hours calculating payments to fishermen or split checks for crew wages. Maybe you’ve spent a ton of time calculating Fish Ticket reprices or Taxes & Premiums. Whatever you’ve spent too much time doing manually, if your Alaska Seafood software can automate it, that’s a return on your investment. Not only are you getting that time back in your day but you’re reducing potential errors by having the system do the calculations for you – giving you the peace of mind and confidence in your numbers that you deserve, at the click of a button. Not to mention, by reducing the workload of manual calculations that could actually translate to less manpower necessary and less money coming out of your pocket.

NorthScope Results

These guys really took the time to learn our entire business and provided invaluable insight throughout multiple areas within our company. They did a great job managing projects that produced clear results and calculable ROI for our Sales, Inventory, Production, and Shipping operations. They have been instrumental in helping us grow our business and make our processes and procedures more efficient. They are trust worthy, personable, and easy to work with.

Nitin S.

So, what’s the ROI bottom line?

  • Increases in: revenue, efficiency, and speed
  • Reductions in: complexity, costs, time, training required, administration, headcount, and risk
  • Improvements to: productivity, ease of use, processes, motivation, capabilities, information, reliability, reporting, and risk
  • Creation of: new processes

3. Will it give you better visibility into all aspects of your business?

By switching to Alaska Seafood ERP, you’ll no longer have to juggle multiple systems and your business can be streamlined into one, which can help reduce the cost (not to mention the time, energy and stress!) of managing multiple systems. Plus, by using a single system for all aspects of your business you’ll be granted total integration between departments, giving you better visibility into how things are running and affecting each other, allowing you to make better, more informed business decisions. Finally, this total visibility can help you reduce miscommunication and misunderstandings by providing dependable reporting, accuracy, and transaction history for your fishermen, vendors, customers, and team members. This allows you to answer their questions quickly and even preemptively, helping improve and maintain your business relationships (and potentially bringing in new ones!).

NorthScope Results

Our company had not updated software for many, many years and had ended up with several unconnected programs for various business areas.  It was very difficult to get information out of these systems in a meaningful way and made making quick business decisions nearly impossible.  NorthScope ERP software gave us a comprehensive system that allows us to easily get information from all segments making it possible to make informed, educated business decisions.

Kathi P.

So, what’s the ROI bottom line?

  • Increases in: revenue, growth, retention, and visibility
  • Reductions in: complexity, costs, time, complaints, administration, infrastructure, number of systems, and risk
  • Improvements to: productivity, ease of use, processes, motivation, capabilities, information, reputation, reliability, reporting, and flexibility
  • Creation of: strategy, alignment, systems, transformation, new processes, new business, inspiration