ERP Software for Primary Food Processors

We provide ERP software and step-by-step guidance for Primary Food Processors, giving them the tools to build the business they’ve always wanted.

Traditional accounting systems don’t understand the needs of food processors.

Your time should be spent growing your business.

Stop wasting it on software that doesn’t work for you.

There is a better way!

We don’t just care about software.

We care about your success and the success of your industry.


Built For The Food Processing Industry




Easy To Use


Grows With Your Business

Lead your business to success.

Seamlessly manage all aspects of your business with a single, cohesive system.
  • Fully integrated Sales and Inventory modules
  • Fully integrated Purchasing module
  • Fully integrated Accounting and Payroll modules
  • Fully integrated Capital Improvement Project tracking
  • Trace register integration
  • Barcode data collection integration
  • EDI integration
Ensure the safety and quality of your products with lot traceability.
  • Production batch tracking
  • Record and assign quality test results
  • Auto-assign lot certifications by item and/or site
  • Enforce lot holds
Maximize your time with an easy to learn and use system.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Access your system from anywhere
  • Configurable by user, to streamline their tasks
Effortlessly manage your business with a system designed for your industry.
  • Track your products with lot traceability
  • Automate brokerage
  • Auto-calculate rebates
  • Maintain accurate pricing with customer price lists
  • Configure workflows fit for your business
Easily adapt as your business needs change.
  • Enterprise level sales order entry
  • Go beyond record keeping to process management
  • Manage multiple companies within the same system
  • Avoid multiple installations with web-based software
Effectively manage your business relationships.
  • Auto-calculate brokerage and avoid overpaying
  • Accurately record custom processing instances
  • Track 3rd party warehouses
  • Effectively manage customers
  • Effectively manage vendors
Accurately manage freight costs worry-free.
  • Multi-leg freight management 
  • Assign freight costs to Sales Orders and Transfers
  • Automate freight expenses at the level you need
Regain control of your business for a secure future.
  • Automatically calculate and track key accounting data
  • Regulate the data that is visible to each user
  • Enforce transaction rules throughout its life-cycle
  • Customize business workflows
  • Gain total visibility and access to your business
  • Use reporting tools to plan for your future

Happy Primary Food Processors

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7 things your food manufacturing erp system must do

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