ERP Software for Alaska Seafood Processors

We provide ERP software and step-by-step guidance for Alaska Seafood Processors, giving them the tools to build the business they’ve always wanted.

Traditional accounting systems don’t understand the unique needs of Alaska Seafood Plants.

Your time should be spent taking care of your fishermen.

Stop wasting it on software that doesn’t work for you.

There is a better way!

We don’t just care about software.

We care about your success and the success of your industry.


Built For The Fishing Industry


Integrated With eLandings


Easy To Use


Grows With Your Business

Lead your business to success.

Serve your fishermen more efficiently.
  • Access real time fisherman balances
  • Quickly respond to fishermen questions
  • Conveniently access all fishermen transactions
  • Fisherman Statements that are easy to understand
  • Split checks to cover crew wages
  • Pay fishermen with checks or ACH Direct deposit
Save time and improve accuracy with eLandings integration.
  • No more duplicate data entry of Fish Tickets
  • Pre-loaded with all ADF&G setup codes
  • Store eLandings Ticket data in your system
Avoid miscalculations with automated Fish Ticket taxes & premiums.
  • Easily configure all Fish Ticket taxes
  • Easily configure observer fees
  • Automate accrual of company paid taxes
  • Automate or manually assign premiums
  • Auto-assign premiums for dock deliveries
  • Auto-assign premiums based on chill type
Correct & re-price Fish Tickets without stress.
  • Conveniently re-price Tickets in bulk, at any time
  • Re-price Tickets based on your criteria
  • Correct historical Tickets to create new versions
  • Taxes and premiums auto-recalculate, if needed
Easily manage fisherman loans.
  • Track individual loans to fishermen
  • Charge interest on fisherman loans
  • Print and distribute loan statements
  • Apply payments to fisherman loans
  • Apply Fish Ticket balances to fisherman loans
Easily manage your business with transactions for the fishing industry.
  • Fish Tickets to record purchases from fishermen
  • Record sales to fishermen
  • Transfer balances between fisherman accounts
  • Issue Purchase Orders to fishermen
  • Charge fishermen directly for AP purchases
  • Cash Receipts to record payments from fishermen
Manage your tenders more effectively.
  • Readily manage tender fuel purchases
  • Record sales made by tenders to fishermen
  • Download eLandings by tender batch
  • Analyze deliveries by tender and/or tender batch
Increase productivity among plant staff.
  • All transactions integrated in a single system
  • Unique transactions for the fishing industry
  • Quickly analyze Tickets using 75+ data fields
  • Automate charges to fishermen from AP Invoices
Seamlessly manage all aspects of your business with a single, cohesive system.
  • Fully integrated Sales and Inventory modules
  • Fully integrated Purchasing module
  • Fully integrated Accounting and Payroll modules
  • Fully integrated Capital Improvement Project tracking
  • Trace register integration
  • Barcode data collection integration
Maximize your time with an easy to learn and use system.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Designed with seasonal staff in mind
  • Access your system from anywhere
  • Configurable by plant and user

Happy Alaska Seafood Processors

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Why NorthScope?

For Alaska Seafood Processors, your job is more than just buying, processing, and selling fish. You must prioritize keeping your fishermen happy, so they fish for you and not the “other guys”. Your seafood processing software should prioritize that, too.

  • You don’t just need an AP system; you need a Fisherman Management system.
  • You don’t just need a Fish Ticket system; you need a Fish Ticket system that’s integrated with eLandings and pre-loaded with ADF&G data.
  • You don’t just need to manage fisherman balances; you need to manage their loan balances and provide accurate, easy to read fisherman statements.
  • You don’t just need to manage bait sales to fisherman; you need to manage charging them for things you purchase and transfers between fishermen.
  • You don’t just need to pay fishermen; you need to be able to split payments to cover crew wages and partnerships.
  • You don’t just need an ERP system; you need Alaska Seafood Processing ERP Software that understands your industry.

You need accounting software, Fish Ticket software, inventory software, sales software, seafood traceability software and more all rolled in one. Read More

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