Sep 1, 2020

Alaska Seafood Processing & How Seafood ERP Software Can Improve Your Day-To-Day

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You’re at the center of a global seafood supply chain, taking part in processing 6 billion pounds of seafood from fishermen to get it in the hands of consumers around the world. On the backend, you’re part of an industry that employs tens of thousands of people. If that’s not enough, you’re at the epicenter of a supply chain trying to keep your fishermen, employees and customers happy. With all of that responsibility, your systems should be making your life easier, not more complicated.  So, how can seafood ERP software improve your day-to-day as an Alaska Seafood Processor? Keep reading to sea for yourself.

1. Increased visibility.

An ERP system that was built for your industry should understand your pain points and provide solutions. For example, ERP software built for Alaska Seafood Processors will understand the pain of juggling multiple systems – one for managing your Fish Tickets, one for managing your GL, another for managing your fisherman loans and payments, etc. – and solve that with a system that provides everything you need in one centralized system. With everything integrated in a single system you’ll have complete visibility into the real-time stats of your business, allowing you to make more informed business decisions that will help you and your business succeed.

2. Streamlined business.

Just as an ERP system built for Alaska Seafood Processors can help you make better business decisions; it can also help you make quicker business decisions. With all the information you need at your fingertips and data you can rely on; you can make decisions you feel confident in in less time than ever. Not only does an industry-specific ERP help you save time within the decision-making process, the help it provides in streamlining business processes through automation and eliminated manual data entry (and especially in eliminated dual-data entry) also helps you reduce time wasted, giving you more time in your day to focus on the things that will help you succeed.

3. Improved business relationships.

Speaking of focusing on things that will help you succeed, having great business relationships within your supply chain is probably one of the things that determines your success. Luckily, seafood ERP software should include fishermen, vendor, and customer management, which allows you to provide information and answer questions at the drop of a hat, keeping them happy and supplying for or buying from you. This also gives you the visibility (there’s that benefit again!) and power to make sure your business partnerships are top of the line.

You may have to worry about fewer young people entering the Alaska Seafood industry or the latest and greatest equipment for heading and gutting and how much that’s going to cost you or the natural stock fluctuations, perishable product, trade policy, shifts in demand, global competition and now global pandemics. But what shouldn’t be on your list of stressors is your software. In fact, your software should help you overcome these challenges. ERP software built for Alaska Seafood Processors can do just that by helping provide increased visibility, helping you streamline your business and helping you improve your business relationships (and therefore your bottom line!). Learn how NorthScope can help you say “goodbye” to juggling multiple systems, unnecessary, inaccurate and duplicated manual data entry, and a lack of data analysis and say “hello” to an optimized Alaska Seafood Processing business.