Apr 12, 2019

While Fish Sales Go Up, So Do Consumers’ Demand For Transparency – What Does It Mean For You?

Fish sales are up – hooray! But how do you make sure your fish sales go up, too?

While 44% of American and British consumers have added more fish to their diets over the past five years, according to the most recent Feed4Thought survey, sustainability paired with transparency is driving consumers to the fish they buy. So, to answer our previously posed question – you make your fish sales go up by using sustainable methods and being transparent. Now for part two to this question – how do you do that?


The biggest factor in this move toward fish consumption is health. But, it’s not only the health benefits to consumers that is driving this consumption, it’s the health of the fish and the environment as well. 59% of those surveyed indicated that keeping fish healthy is the most important duty of a company raising seafood in addition to using resources responsibly and minimizing the impact on the environment. Some Americans even expect that seafood farms will help local communities.

Sustainability is so important to consumers that sales of seafood with sustainability claims are up 3%, sales of seafood with Marine Stewardship Council labeling are up 27%, and sales of seafood with Sustainable Fishing labeling are up 30%. By obtaining these certifications through sustainable practices, your fish can swim ahead of the competition.


Consumers are choosing to eat more fish because of its positive impact on their health and relatively small impact on the earth. But, consumers also want the fish to remain healthy as this translates to the small impact fish farming has on the earth because healthier fish mean better resistance to disease, more efficient use of feed, and less reliance on antibiotics. Consumers have high expectations for where their fish come from and meeting their demands won’t convert into sales unless you show consumers your compliance. Enter: transparency. In order to be transparent, your product must be traceable. With NorthScope, you can track your product, record quality test results, apply lot certifications, and more – all of which can be reported on – allowing you to partake in full transparency for your customers.

With the sales of seafood up 3.4%, sustainable practices and transparency can help your business grow and NorthScope can help.