Jun 1, 2020

3 Tips to Improve Alaska Seafood Plant Management with an Industry-Specific ERP

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When managing an Alaska Seafood Processing Plant, there are some things you can’t avoid – like seals stealing fish off your vessel at the dock. But, with the things you can control, we want to help. With software that can help with seafood plant management, there are three key areas your plant can improve just by letting your industry-specific software do what it’s meant to do: help Alaska Seafood Processors succeed.

1.     Improve Management of Plant Staff

With an Alaska fishing season that’s seasonal, a lot of your staff is seasonal too. That may mean needing to train your plant staff on all processes and procedures as quickly and efficiently as possible so they can be effective ASAP. An all-in-one system that integrates with your plant floor, eLandings, bar code system, etc. helps reduce the number of systems you need to teach each employee. Plus, it helps if that system is easy to use, made for seasonal staff, configurable by plant and user, and more. An even bigger bonus is if your system allows you to track purchases made by your seasonal staff from the employee store.

2.     Improve Management of Seafood

The seafood you process goes through a complex supply chain that needs to be tracked from the fisherman who caught and delivered it to you to the last entity you sell and ship it to. First, your system needs to track Fish Tickets and specifically integrate with eLandings to save you the time and inefficiency of hand-keying dual entries in two different systems. Then, when it’s time to process the seafood, you need to track it in inventory – this means lot tracking, quality testing, etc. – which your system should handle. Finally, that inventory needs to be sold and your system should manage selling and allowing you to allocate from inventory to make sure everything is shipped seamlessly, while also allowing you to track your shipments, freight and export details, if applicable.

3.     Improve Management of Fishermen

Amidst managing your staff, recording inventory, and selling your seafood, you need to be managing your fishermen. That means you need a system that can track fisherman balances and loans, sales to fishermen, payments by fishermen, and more. It also means your system should allow you to quickly answer any questions your fishermen may have by providing all transaction data in one place.

To learn more about how NorthScope ERP for Alaska Seafood Processors can help improve your plant management, book a free demo!