Aug 17, 2020

Salmon and Cod and Crab, oh my! How Seafood ERP Software Can Help You Process & Track Your Alaska Seafood Products​

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With so many software options out there, it can be confusing trying to decide which type let alone which specific system to choose. But, as an Alaska Seafood Processor you already have enough on your plate to manage, so we’ve done the heavy lifting for you when it comes to deciphering how ERP software built for your industry can help improve your business (and its bottom line!) by rounding up the top 3 ways it does just that.

1. Keep your numbers in line as you purchase, process, track, sell and more all in one system.

As an Alaska Seafood Processor, between juggling your books, managing your fishermen, keeping up with ADF&G regulations, managing eLandings tickets and more, keeping your data accurate and your data-entry efficient can be challenging. The beauty of using an ERP system built specifically for your industry is it allows you to manage everything in one place, hassle-free. With everything in one place you can remove repetitive data entry that presents a high risk of error, your data can be integrated reducing your manual workload and guaranteeing accuracy, and you are granted transparency into all aspects of your business – such as purchasing, inventory, sales, fishermen loans and payments, fish tickets, etc. With complete transparency into your entire business, you can make better informed business decisions and spot inefficiencies with ease and correct them, increasing productivity, cutting costs and increasing profits.

2. Optimize your seafood inventory tracking from purchasing to processing and beyond.

Each stage of seafood processing, from buying fish from fishermen to sales and distribution, seafood ERP can help you keep track of the exact quantity, quality and all other necessary details of your inventory. With this level of traceability, your ERP system can help you make sure you’re selling the right product, at the right time, to the right customer, guaranteeing you only sell product you’re proud of. Simultaneously, waste can be reduced and you can more easily adhere to food quality guidelines. With an ERP system built for Alaska Seafood Processors, you can be confident in your product and in knowing where it is at each stage in your supply chain.

3. Serve your fishermen most effectively and increase your bottom-line year-over-year.

With an ERP system that really understands your industry, like NorthScope, you can manage your fishermen within the same system that manages your inventory, sales, production, purchasing, etc. For instance, NorthScope provides:

  • Fish Tickets with eLandings integration
  • Automated Fish Ticket taxes and premiums
  • Fisherman loans
  • Transactions for fishermen, tenders & local sales
  • Fisherman payments that include the ability to produce split payments via check or ACH/direct deposit
  • Fishermen charges and credits from AP invoices
  • Price list management
  • And more!

Having all of these transactions and features in one system makes it easier to support your fishermen, keeping them happy and fishing for you instead of the other guys. And happy fishermen translate to a better bottom line and a happier you!