Silver Bay Seafoods California Streamlines Squid Ticket Recording,  System Management, &  Data Tracking with NorthScope ERP

The Company

Silver Bay Seafoods California processes high quality market squid at its 40,000 square foot facility in Ventura, California. Silver Bay was able to bring its high volume low cost packing model to California’s squid industry after purchasing their 4.6 acre lot in 2014 and building the plant in the industrial area to process and freeze market squid. This site is able to process up to 1,500 metric tons of squid, mackerel and more each day.

The Highlights 

Streamlined system management

Faster recording of squid tickets

Reduced external tracking steps

The Challenge

Before NorthScope, Silver Bay California was using a combination of Catch Manager and in-house programs to record their squid deliveries and production numbers as well as to provide statements to their fishing accounts. After implementing NorthScope for its Alaska operations, Silver Bay California was looking to use the same platform without compromising the functionality they needed while also removing the additional work the California staff had to do outside their current system in Excel. By doing this, the entire organization would be able to operate similarly and pull all its reporting from the same platform, making the user experience, support and reporting processes more uniform.

The Approach

With the goal of a mid-year implementation before their busy season that still allowed Silver Bay to enter year-to-date information into the system for reporting purposes, the key objectives included solving some tax setup issues as well as adjusting the process of recording tickets to match how Silver Bay received and subsequently adjusted squid tickets. To accomplish these outcomes, NLP worked with the Silver Bay team to review their process and delivered a few different options and some minor adjustments to the NorthScope software to accommodate the Silver Bay California squid process.

The Solution

By implementing the same platform for the Silver Bay California operations that can handle entering squid tickets just as the salmon and other groundfish tickets are handled for the Alaska operations, NLP was able to reduce the number of steps the Silver Bay team previously had to do in Excel using their previous system. For example, the Silver Bay California team previously had to track settlement data externally in Excel that was now handled within NorthScope. Additionally, this implementation allowed Silver Bay to use the same platform to load all the corporate level reporting data without having to handle it differently at each of their plants.

The Results

With NorthScope, recording squid tickets is faster and simpler for the Silver Bay California team and the administration of their systems is more streamlined with everyone using the same platform. The entire implementation that resulted in these successes was accomplished faster than Silver Bay’s previous vendor was able to solve some of the existing problems their platform was experiencing.

    The Review

    Having the NLP team help us with implementing NorthScope for our California operations was a smooth process that allowed Silver Bay to have a single platform for all fishing operations. NorthScope is flexible enough to accommodate the differences of operating in California while still being cost effective to implement and integrate with the other systems we use throughout the Silver Bay organization.

    Kim Partridge, Director of Fleet Accounting