The Current State (Or Plate) Of Food – Fast Facts

The food industry is constantly changing and to be successful in the food manufacturing industry, you have to stay abreast of the trends. To help with that, here is your cheat sheet of fast facts as to the current state (or plate) of food.

NorthScope ERP Makes Alaska Seafood Fish Ticket Management Easier

Throughout the first quarter of 2019, NorthScope ERP upgraded its Fisherman Accounting features for Alaska Seafood Processors. While its entire list of new features from Q1 expands beyond Fisherman Accounting, the biggest upgrades were to NorthScope’s management of eLandings integration and Fish Ticket data entry.

Sustainability & Food Packaging – What Food Manufacturers Need to Know

As the demand for sustainability continues to grow in the food industry, it’s no surprise that it has now expanded into food packaging. In fact, according to the Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 66% of consumers will pay more for products from sustainable brands and 73% will actually pay more for sustainable products – and food packaging is no exception.

Capitalizing on the Organic Food Trend (With An ERP System for Food Manufacturers)

Do you produce organic fruits and/or vegetables? Do you want to capitalize on the monetary benefits of this ever-growing consumer trend? With the trend towards organic continuing to grow and with strict USDA standards as to being certified organic, food traceability is a must to not lose out on the monetary benefits of capitalizing on a trend that’s here to stay.

NorthScope ERP Software Expands Support for Alaska Seafood Processors

Throughout 2018, the Northlake Partners, creators of NorthScope ERP software, invested in expanding NorthScope’s features to further support Alaska Seafood Processing. Today, they announced their list of new features that are available with NorthScope. Key features announced for Alaska Seafood Processors include…


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