Dec 6, 2018

How To Pick ERP Software Best Fit for You

Imagine buying ERP software for your business only to find out upon implementation that it wasn’t really a good fit for your needs. Unfortunately, it happens – and it can cost you a lot of wasted time and money. But, it doesn’t have to happen. In fact, you can buy an ERP system that will save you time and money instead of waste it. Here are our top four tips to do just that.

Plan for growth.

You want your business to grow. So plan for it! You need a solution that is scalable to your business. Your software should be able to grow with you, not inhibit your growth. When looking an ERP software for your business, don’t limit your consideration to current business processes – be sure to consider your future needs as well so that your ERP software can help your company continue to operate efficiently.

Choose an easy-to-use system.

A difficult-to-use system can result in employees choosing not to use it and creating workarounds, reducing efficiencies. As such, you want a system that employees enjoy using – meaning it’s easy-to-use and focuses on providing a user-friendly experience in addition to efficient technology and processes.

Find a solution built for your industry.

With all the demands and regulations involved in food manufacturing, you can’t afford ERP software that doesn’t specifically support your industry. When your ERP software understands your industry, there’s a higher likelihood that customization won’t be necessary – saving you costs in the long run. Additionally, a solution built for your industry can provide processes that are more efficient because it anticipates your needs and it should include features specific for your industry, requiring less workarounds and a centralized system for all your processes – also known as saving you time (and brainpower).

Look for a partnership.

You interact with your ERP software every day, so you should choose one that works for you and with you. This means it should be accompanied by an in-depth but efficient implementation process that guarantees your success after go live, a fully staffed support team to answer any questions you may have, and feedback-driven ongoing development.

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